Pastor Jason Reasor and his wife, Kasey, were saved in 2005 and began serving in the local church that year. Soon afterward, Jason felt the call to full-time ministry and began teaching and preaching the Bible whenever he could until 2007 when he entered the ministry vocationally. Jason currently has a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry and is working towards his Masters of Arts in Counseling and Master of Divinity. His passion is to see God glorified in the local church and knows this only happens when churches are biblically healthy.

Jason’s goal is to glorify God by preaching the gospel of Christ and helping God’s people to walk worthy of their high calling. It is only through God’s grace in Christ that this can be accomplished and is the primary reason he seeks to point people to salvation by grace alone through faith in Christ alone. As Christ is lifted up, God will build His church.

A heavy burden that Jason carries is that church has become something that God never intended. As a young man, he would see that what the Bible described as Christianity and what he observed were very different. For this reason, Jason and his family have purposed to point people back to the Biblical foundations of church and Christianity through clear preaching of the word and intentional teaching of biblical principles to help people “deal with the problems of life biblically.” It was this reason that led Jason and his family to begin the work in Pinedale in 2016 after learning of the large lack of biblically centered churches in the far west.