Pastor Chris Twilley is married to Amy, and they have four children, Joshua, Scarlet, Kaylee, and Alli. Chris is the Pastor/Church planter of Grace Life Church of Senatobia. Grace Life started as a Bible study with 8 people in the Fall of 2016. The group has grown, and they have been blessed to see 10 people profess their faith in Christ, through believers baptism, since the start. In October of 2019, 19 people committed to serve the Lord together as the membership was formed. They started out meeting in the local library and are now renting a building.

Update from Pastor Chris Twilley (June 2022):

Dear friends and family,

God is moving!  Thank you for praying!

1.  Church:  The Lord is blessing our church.

Worship: The Lord is blessing us as we continue through the book of Ephesians.  The truths in Chapter One are amazing and we have been moved as we realize all the blessings that we have in Christ.

We were blessed with 3 members joining last month (David and Debbie Jones and Brenda Armstrong) and with 7 new members joining this month (Lee and Sherry Knight and their children: Kara, John, Karla, James, and Kayla.  We have had a couple of days where we had 58 and 63 people in attendance for worship.  The Lord is so faithful!  We are planning another Membership Information Class soon for others who have given an indication that they want to join.    

Wednesday nights:  On Wednesday nights we are studying the book of Genesis verse by verse.  We are walking through the text and answering discussion questions together as we seek to understand each passage and the lessons in each.  After our study time, we have a time of prayer for each other.  Special thanks for Amy, Alicia and all those who work with and teach the kids on Wednesday night.  We have lots of new kids and there are many opportunities to train and teach them. 

Men's Meetings: We had 15 men for our June meeting this past Sunday.  This was our second meeting to study "prayer" and discuss all the verses in the Bible about this topic.  It was an edifying time and we ended by praying that we would be men of prayer.  It is a blessing to pray specifically for men in this group and for their asking for the Lord to save people in their family and friends.  Next Month we will study "Election" and seek to memorize Ephesians 1:3-6.  

Women's Meetings: Our first Monthly Women's meeting was a great success.  Carolyn Wiley shared her testimony of conversion, straying from the Lord and the Lord bringing her back to Him.  Several women were in attendance and sharing prayer requests.  The Women exchanged cards with prayer requests on them so that they can pray for each other through the month.  Next month, Alicia Castillo will share her testimony and facilitate the sharing and prayer time.  

2.  Family: God is so richly blessing our family.  Amy and I celebrated 29 years of marriage on June 5th.  I am so thankful for my wife and the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on all God has done.  All of the kids were gone during the weekend and we were able to spend 3 whole days together.  This has not happened for several years. We took a riverboat ride in Memphis, ate at Red Lobster, watched an interesting murder mystery series and Worshipped at church together.  God is so faithful!

Kaylee and Alli were gone that week to Super Camp with Grace Life of the Shoals in Alabama.  This was their second year to go to this camp.  They really enjoyed it last year and were looking forward to it this year.  They enjoyed seeing friends again and making new ones.  They were greatly impacted and moved by the preaching from Don Singleton.  Alli shared her testimony one night during the share time, and they said their were moved to tears as they heard testimonies from other campers.  They were praying for some to be saved, and God answered their prayers.  I'm so thankful for the encouragement and ministry of Grace Life of the Shoals and the way they blessed our kids.

Joshua is continuing to work by "door dashing" and recently bought a new car.  He is working to pay it off, and we are discussing and praying about his next step (career or training wise).

Scarlet is enjoying her job and new apartment.  The girls got to spend some time with her recently, and they enjoyed swimming in the pool at the apartment complex.  She had us over for dinner, and we ate hot dogs and put everything on them (but the kitchen sink, Lol). 

3.  Job: I'm enjoying my summer break from my teaching job at Northwest.  This is giving me more time as our church grows, and I'm able to spend more time with my family.  We have planted a vegetable garden and have enjoyed watching movies and shows. I'm also doing a lot of summer reading: Trying to read books that will encourage me (like "The Passionate preaching of Martin Llyod Jones") and books that are related to my teaching disciplines ("Redeeming Philosophy" and "the consequences of Ideas").  Later this month, I will work a couple of days helping to advise new coming students with their class schedules. In July, we will take a family vacation, and the Fall semester will be here before you know it.  I will be excited to resume once it comes.  

Thank you all for your prayers.  They are making a huge difference!  

God is faithful!  Christ said "I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it" 


In the Grip of His Grace,

Chris Twilley