While studying at the Baptist Theological Seminary Harold married Antoinette and the marriage was blessed with three daughters.  Two of their daughters and their families live in Australia while the eldest and her family live in Canada.

His ministry spans 50 years and involves planting a church South Africa, serving as National Youth Secretary for the Baptist Youth of South Africa, pastoring the Florida Baptist Church, Johannesburg, South Africa, directing the work of Evangelism Explosion, founder and Executive Director of Multi Ministries.  His ministry has included preaching at evangelistic crusades and outreaches, bible conferences, mission conferences etc. lecturing and teaching on evangelism, discipleship and missions at various seminaries, clinics and Christian leadership institutes. He has travelled and preached in many parts of the world including Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, USA and Canada.

Harold and Antoinette now live in Canada and they are involved in mentoring NAMB Church planters and various evangelistic and preaching opportunities.  Harold serves as an itinerant revival speaker with Life Action Canada.

Update from Harold and Antoinette Peasley (November 2021)

Our faithful Supporters

When Jesus said to Peter in Luke chapter 5, “Launch out  into the deep “ It was:

Against the -  Odds         -   wrong time
                       -  Opinions   -   of seasoned fishermen
                       -  Options     -   the weariness from the night at sea

When Jesus later said to Peter, “from now on you will catch fish” it was an object lesson as to what was to come on the day of Pentecost - Acts 2.
On that day the disciples "launched out into the deep”.

Against the -  Odds         -  feelings were still running high
                       -  Opinions   -  many wanting to justify the  crucifixion
                       -  Options     -  it would have been far easier for the  disciples to stay quietly in the Upper Room

I think these factors are facing the Church today as far as Missions are concerned :

Agains the -  Odds         -  wrong time
                     -  Opinions   -  confused opinions reign 
                     -  Options     -  the West asks  “Why God?”  the East asks  “Which God?”

Nothing has changed!

This challenge to “Launch out into the deep”  still applies in spite of the three “O’s”, and you, our Supporters, have truly shown that  by your prayerful support, interest and prayers.

We are delighted to report that life and ministry is slowly returning to a “new Normal” here in Canada and we have been able to attend services in person and partake in various activities related to ministry.

At the end of November we plan, Lord willing, to attend the annual Oasis conference for Church Planters here in Ontario.   This  will enable us to meet with many of our Church planting pastors and wives whom we have not been able to have in person fellowship with for a very long time.  We do praise the Lord for “on line” facilities which enabled  contact over this Covid time but the personal contact will be wonderful.

Thank you again for your support

In His Amazing Service,

Harold and Antoinette