Harry G. has served for over 30 years in restricted access areas, and now supervises a large area for his organization. Due to the sensitive nature of his work among Muslims we cannot disclose the areas where he is currently serving. He and his wife Jan oversee works in 4 Islamic countries, train teams and national partners, and provide and create resources for Islamic ministry. Resources they have created include The Message of Hope an evangelistic chronological Bible study for Muslims and Heart, Mind and Soul: Muslims seminars for the American church.

Update (March 2022)

The past couple years of ministry have been difficult due to Covid. There has been a shortage of personnel in all areas of ministry. Thankfully, however, the Lord is still raising up new missionaries who are being sent out into the field to serve. In addition to overseeing the ministry on the field in these countries, Harry and Jan have also recently been involved in training leadership in their organization to better reproduce even more productive leaders for the future. They request prayer for these efforts that they will result in more effective leadership.

Harry and Jan are happy to announce that Jan's medical concern that has been a severe trial seems to have been resolved for the time being by God's grace. They are thankful to the Lord and thankful to all who are praying for them.