Harry G. has served for over 30 years in restricted access areas, and now supervises a large area for his organization. Due to the sensitive nature of his work among Muslims we cannot disclose the areas where he is currently serving. He and his wife Jan oversee works in 4 Islamic countries, train teams and national partners, and provide and create resources for Islamic ministry. Resources they have created include The Message of Hope an evangelistic chronological Bible study for Muslims and Heart, Mind and Soul: Muslims seminars for the American church.

Update (June 2022)

The last couple months, Harry has been able to oversee and provide further direction to leaders involved in strategic work. He and Jan have also been able to recently engage in the mobilization of other churches in the important work of world missions. They are thankful for the wisdom and help that God has graciously provided them recently, and they ask for prayer that the Lord would send more needed personell to help with the work. Please also pray that the Lord would continue to give grace, strength, and healing to Jan as she perseveres through some health issues.