Kenan Plunk has been serving as a missionary with the International Mission Board since 2008. After a year in Costa Rica for language school, he served in two Quechuan towns in the Andes mountains of Peru. In 2012, he moved to Bogota, Colombia. After four months working with indigenous students at the national university, he began working with the displaced indigenous groups in Bogota. Many indigenous peoples have moved into the cities to escape to the drug violence. Kenan seeks to reach these people with the gospel. Some are already believers. Kenan helps to disciple these believers. He also works with existing churches to help reach the indigeous peoples.

Most of Kenan's work involves visiting people in their homes to teach the Bible. One challenge he has faced is a language barrier. Many of the indigenous only speak Spanish at a basic level. Another challenge Kenan faces is the transient nature of the indigenous peoples. Many will move around from place to place, only staying in Bogota for a short period of time. The work is difficult, but by God's grace, these challenges can be overcome.



Thank you for praying for me and for the work God is doing among the indigenous peoples of Colombia and throughout the world. Please continue to pray that the word of Christ would speed ahead and be glorified, that the gospel would advance unhindered, that many would come to faith in Jesus, and the gospel will demolish any and all barriers raised up against it.

This month, I had the opportunity to visit a jungle town in the eastern part of the country. We were able to work with an indigenous pastors and help him and other leaders translate a few Bible stories into several indigenous languages. Pray for the indigenous groups in that area, many of which have little gospel access. There is potential for future trips to the area to continue getting the stories of Scripture into the indigenous languages.

Continue to pray for the thousands of displaced indigenous living in the city parks. They are living in very poor conditions. In one park, we have been able to make weekly visits to one family for prayer and a simple Bible study. We usually come with a few food items for them as well. In another park that's just outside the city, we have been doing an English class as an entry into the community. We are in the process of organizing a relief project for those in both parks, providing food and hygiene products. Pray that the project will go smoothly as material needs are met. Pray that local believers will become involved in the project and in the ongoing ministry with the displaced. Pray that relationships will be developed that lead to many coming to faith in Christ.

Continue to pray for the Wounaan work. I am meeting with one believer and his family with whom I am continuing to study 1 Peter. There is a small Wounaan church in Bogota, but many of the Wounaan are still unreached. Pray that the Wounaan believers can reach out to their own people with the gospel.

Also, continue to pray for "Mike" and his family. He is beginning to open up to gospel discussions. Pray that God would open up his heart to receive the gospel and trust in Christ.

Please pray that local churches would be mobilized to minister to the indigenous in Bogota.

Thank you again for your prayers. Prayer is vital to the work.

May God’s grace and peace be with you all.

Prayer Points:

  • That Christ be exalted
  • “Silas” and the Wounaan
  • “Levi” and the ESL classes
  • “Eli” and the Katios
  • “Mike” and his family
  • Relief projects in the parks
  • Mobilizing local churches
  • New opportunities
  • Bethania Baptist Church