Kenan Plunk has been serving as a missionary with the International Mission Board since 2008. After a year in Costa Rica for language school, he served in two Quechuan towns in the Andes mountains of Peru. In 2012, he moved to Bogota, Colombia. After four months working with indigenous students at the national university, he began working with the displaced indigenous groups in Bogota. Many indigenous peoples have moved into the cities to escape to the drug violence. Kenan seeks to reach these people with the gospel. Some are already believers. Kenan helps to disciple these believers. He also works with existing churches to help reach the indigeous peoples.

Most of Kenan's work involves visiting people in their homes to teach the Bible. One challenge he has faced is a language barrier. Many of the indigenous only speak Spanish at a basic level. Another challenge Kenan faces is the transient nature of the indigenous peoples. Many will move around from place to place, only staying in Bogota for a short period of time. The work is difficult, but by God's grace, these challenges can be overcome.


Kenan specifically asks for prayers right now for his evangelistic efforts to people of the Embera Katio tribe living in the park in Bogota, for his ministry of encouragement to a fellow believer there who recently lost his wife, for his teaching ministry at the church where he is teaching through Ephesians, and for his ministry of training pastors.