Kevin Millard serves as the Director for Portuguese-speaking countries for Anchored In Truth.  He is a graduate of UNA and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  He and his wife have been serving the Lord as missionaries for 25 years. They served in Albania for five years before arriving in Brazil in May of 2000.  From 2002 to 2007 they helped to plant a church in the city Niteroi.  In 2007 they were invited to work with Fiel Ministries in Sao Jose dos Campos (Sao Paulo), where Kevin served as the director of a pastoral library program, which helped Portuguese-speaking pastors in Brazil and other countries attain Reformed literature.  Kevin has also helped with a children's ministry call AME, where he shares weekly devotionals and offers spiritual counseling to the children. Kevin is presently the Interim Pastor at Grace Baptist Mission in São Jose dos Campos.  He and his wife, Edinéia, have two grown children, Deborah and Stephen.  Grace Life Church and Anchored in Truth have been faithfully involved in the Millards' lives and ministry all of these years through giving and praying.  


Update from Pastor Kevin Millard (August 2021):

Greetings from Brazil!  We are in the middle of our winter season with cooler temps (lows in the 40's, highs in the 60's and 70's).  We enjoy getting to use some of the beautiful quilts that we have received from the dear quilting ladies from GLC in Muscle Shoals, AL!  

Brazil has been hit hard by the corona virus, and it continues to struggle.  As a family, the Lord has spared us up until now, though a few church members and other acquaintances have been very sick.  A large vaccine campaign is underway throughout Brazil, but we have not yet taken a vaccine.  Still watching, waiting and praying to see what is the best way to go.  Pray for us as we seek the Lord's guidance in this matter.

The mission church continues to go well under the circumstances.  We've been having discipleship training classes for a number of the members and prospective members, men and women.  Some of the ladies were very excited to memorize Bible verses, thinking they could never do it!  Pray for us as we continue training new and young believers in the basics of the Christian life!  Our desire is to create an atmosphere of discipleship and a hunger for God's Word.  We have also seen a few visitors and non-believers attend our services in recent days.  One of them is a young man from Mozambique, Africa, whom we met in a grocery store a few months ago.  He told us that he came to Rio de Janeiro with the purpose of becoming a Catholic priest, but became disillusioned with the seminary and ended up here in our city.  We have established a friendship and shared the biblical gospel of Christ with him.  He seems to have a real hunger for the truth and has begun visiting our services.  Pray for a genuine work of grace in his heart and life!  Also, pray for others whom we have been ministering to.


It has been a while since I gave an update on Ivanildo, whom I have been discipling and working with for over a year now.  Most of the ministry opportunities that we have, including the names listed above, have come through his connection.  As a converted drug dealer in the community, he knows almost everyone...and everyone knows him. Plus, he is not shy!  He greets and talks to everyone on the street, those passing in cars, those in the shops, etc.  The Lord has opened up many outreach opportunities through this man, who has been transformed by God's grace.  I have also introduced Ivanildo (pronounced E-van-nil-doe) to books...good biographies that I found in Portuguese (George Muller, Hudson Taylor, Gladys Aylward, Adoniram Judson, Harold Morris, etc.).  He has become excited about reading good books! He had read almost nothing before now.  A special "thanks" to SMBC in Shelbyville, TN, who has sent regular offerings to help and encourage Ivanildo and his growth in the Lord.  Pray for him, as the enemy has a target on his back.  Pray for his wife and children to come to the Lord.

You have heard of people having near death experiences, and maybe you have had one or two yourself.  Well, I had one a few weeks ago.  While crossing a creek above a waterfall (see photo), I slipped on a rock and went down hard.  I landed on a large rock...chest first, halfway in a moving stream, almost going down a slope towards deeper water and the waterfall itself.  My head also hit the rock, breaking my glasses, but not knocking me unconscious.  My glasses went down the slope into the water while I hung on to the rock.  And yes, I was alone...Edineia and Deborah had stayed down below the waterfall.  By God's grace, I managed to push myself up from the rock and stand upright.  Still a bit dazed, legally blind without my glasses, with a skinned leg and bruised ribs (that I was unaware of at the time), I was able to wave to my wife and daughter to meet me.  When they reached me, I told them what had happened.  Since I was the only one with a driver's licenses, I had to drive using Deborah's glasses, that were fortunately almost the same strength as mine, back to our hotel room.  It took me almost a month to recover, but as I reflected on the accident, I was inches away from falling into the water and drowning.  If my head had hit the rock a little harder, I could have lost consciousness and slipped into the current and pool of water just below me...and maybe over the waterfall (20 feet?).  The Lord is very merciful and gracious to us, even in our moments of stupidity like stepping on a wet rock. I knew better...but I did not "do better." As one friend told me, "You're too old for that...find you a rocking chair!"  Well, I'm not quite ready for a rocker, but I was reminded that I am not 25 anymore.  May the Lord help us to number our days and walk with a little more wisdom.

 We are praying about a ministry project in relation to Anchored in Truth Ministries here in Brazil. As we have mentioned before, AIT's focus is planting and growing biblical healthy churches in Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking world.  In the past two years, the Lord has put on Pastor Jeff Noblit's heart the need for AIT to establish Pastoral Training Institutes, PTIs, in the US and around the world.  The first such institute began last year in Muscle Shoals, AL, and we are praying about beginning one here our city.  A couple of months ago a project initiated in my heart to build a multi-use facility that will serve as a new church plant, a PTI and community outreach center for children.  Such a project would need land, and a large piece of land (see photo below - almost 7,000 sq. feet) has been offered (donated) for the project by a local Baptist church here.  Please pray with us and AIT as we look into costs, and consider if this is indeed the Lord's direction! 

A special word of THANKS to our home church in Memphis, to Anchored in Truth, and to our regular supporting churches and friends.  Thank you for giving and praying on our behalf!  I preached to a number of visitors in our small church last night who heard a clear gospel message. It appears that several are close to conversion. You are a part of what the Lord is doing through us here in Brazil.  

Prayer Requests:

  • Good health for our family as the pandemic rolls on
  • Wisdom in making decisions in ministry and outreach
  • Discipleship and leadership training within the local church
  • God's clear direction and provision for the church building project
  • Planned AIT ministry trip to Guine-Bissau in November 
  • Mentoring ministry online with young African men

Marching on,

Kevin, Edineia, Stephen and Deborah