Kevin Millard serves as the Director for Portuguese-speaking countries for Anchored In Truth.  He is a graduate of UNA and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  He and his wife have been serving the Lord as missionaries for 25 years. They served in Albania for five years before arriving in Brazil in May of 2000.  From 2002 to 2007 they helped to plant a church in the city Niteroi.  In 2007 they were invited to work with Fiel Ministries in Sao Jose dos Campos (Sao Paulo), where Kevin served as the director of a pastoral library program, which helped Portuguese-speaking pastors in Brazil and other countries attain Reformed literature.  Kevin has also helped with a children's ministry call AME, where he shares weekly devotionals and offers spiritual counseling to the children. Kevin is presently the Interim Pastor at Grace Baptist Mission in São Jose dos Campos.  He and his wife, Edinéia, have two grown children, Deborah and Stephen.  Grace Life Church and Anchored in Truth have been faithfully involved in the Millards' lives and ministry all of these years through giving and praying.  


Update from Pastor Kevin Millard (November 2021):

Hello from Brazil!  We trust that all is going well with you as we prepare for Thanksgiving this week and Christmas just around the corner!  Definitely a time to give thanks and to remember the greatest gift that God gave to mankind when He "sent forth His son made of a woman" (Gal. 4:4).  And once we become sons and daughters of God, the Spirit cries out in our hearts "Abba, Father!" (vs. 6).  Yes, we have much to give thanks for and much to rejoice about!  

First, we want to give thanks for a very safe and successful ministry trip to the small west African country of Guinea-Bissau.  With the many challenges of traveling under Covid regulations and tests, I was able to participate in the first national-led pastors and leaders conference in the capital city of Bissau.  A group of four national pastors (see photo), along with the support of a few of missionaries (including myself), organized and held their first reformed Bible conference for Christian leaders.

These pastors were impacted in such a way, spiritually and doctrinally, by the pastors' conferences we held in the past few years, that they felt impressed to continue with similar events following in the same pattern.  They were taught Bible truths that changed their lives and their churches, and they said among themselves, "We must continue in those things that we have learned, and that are needed in the churches in Guinea-Bissau!"  They asked me for help and counsel on how best to proceed.  I agreed to give them advice and to suggest speakers, which I did.  On November 9, I flew from Lisbon to Bissau with my recommended speaker, Pastor Samuel Quimputo, whom I consider to be one of the top Portuguese-speaking Baptist pastors from Africa.  He joined two other gifted speakers from Brazil, including one of the top Presbyterian speakers in all of Brazil, Hernandes Dias Lopes.  Except for a few minor glitches and a couple of last-minute scheduling changes, all went very well.  We heard some very solid and challenging messages on the theme, "Integrity in the Ministry."  The attendance of pastors, leaders and missionaries was around 300.  I am so thankful to Anchored in Truth for providing for my and Pr. Samuel's travel expenses, so we could be a part of this historic conference and of what the Lord is doing in Guinea-Bissau.  We were able to consider plans for the training of pastors there in the future via a PTI (Pastoral Training Institute) in the coming months, Lord willing!  The foundation is being laid, that we might build thereon for God's glory.  Pray for the work in Guinea-Bissau, that God would give AIT wisdom and clear direction for future ministry in this small African country.

Secondly, in addition to the conference in Guinea-Bissau, I preached in two different churches on Sunday, November 14.  The first was in a small church, which one might refer to as being "in the sticks", or in Africa, in the bush.  The church was planted and is being pastored by a Brazilian missionary couple, Felipe and Gracie, that our mission church supports.  I preached without a microphone, in Portuguese, while Felipe translated much of my sermon into Crioulo, which is the more commonly spoken language in the country.  In the afternoon, I was the guest speaker (photo with red microphone!) for a special service commemorating "Bible Day" in Guinea-Bissau, where Christians celebrate the translation of the Bible into Crioulo, which was completed on November 14, 1998.  Pray that God's Word would reach all of the people in their own language.

Finally, we want to give thanks for a new partner in ministry that the Lord is bringing to our mission church where we are serving.  Pastor Denis Ferreira, who served with me for about three years at Fiel Ministries (Adopt a Pastor Ministry) is preparing to be a co-pastor with me.  This next Saturday, November 27, there will be a commissioning service by his home church here in our city, where they will be sending him out to serve with us.  Denis is very like-minded, a gifted Bible teacher and preacher, and he has a big heart for missions!  He has been presented to Anchored in Truth as a pastoral candidate to come under the AIT umbrella where he would not only serve with us in pastoral ministry, but also in AIT ministry-related projects in Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking world.   Join us in praying for Pastor Denis, his wife, Fernanda, and their 12-year-old daughter, Helena, as they officially join us on Sunday, November 28, in reaching our local community and the world with the gospel of Christ!  Pray that their vetting process with AIT would go well according to the Lord's plans and for His glory!

A special thanks for your financial gifts and prayers on our behalf!  We thank God for each one of you!!!  May the Lord bless richly bless you as we approach the end of 2021, and may the Lord continue to use us for His glory and praise! 


Marching on,


Kevin and Edineia Millard