Kevin Millard serves as the Director for Portuguese-speaking countries for Anchored In Truth.  He is a graduate of UNA and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  He and his wife have been serving the Lord as missionaries for 25 years. They served in Albania for five years before arriving in Brazil in May of 2000.  From 2002 to 2007 they helped to plant a church in the city Niteroi.  In 2007 they were invited to work with Fiel Ministries in Sao Jose dos Campos (Sao Paulo), where Kevin served as the director of a pastoral library program, which helped Portuguese-speaking pastors in Brazil and other countries attain Reformed literature.  Kevin has also helped with a children's ministry call AME, where he shares weekly devotionals and offers spiritual counseling to the children. Kevin is presently the Interim Pastor at Grace Baptist Mission in São Jose dos Campos.  He and his wife, Edinéia, have two grown children, Deborah and Stephen.  Grace Life Church and Anchored in Truth have been faithfully involved in the Millards' lives and ministry all of these years through giving and praying.  


Update from Pastor Kevin Millard (May 2021):

Greetings from Brazil!  We trust that all is well with you as we continue to carry on in the midst of the pandemic.  Brazil has experienced some difficult days with the virus the past couple of months.  We, as a family, have not been sick though some of our church members have.  At the moment we are coming out of another lockdown phase, which has kept us from having regular church services for more than a month.  We had our second in-person service this past Sunday, and it was a joy to worship the Lord and celebrate the Lord's Supper together with the church body of Grace Baptist Mission.

One thing that has not been "locked down" is our discipleship training for men and another for ladies. Years ago, Edinéia and I translated into Portuguese the same discipleship lessons (The Wheel Diagram) that impacted my life in college, which focus on the basics of the Christian life.  I have been using these eight lessons (which have no copyright) to train others for more than 35 years.  Lord willing, we plan to put them into booklet form along with a leader's guide. For so long I have just been making copies of the lessons, but hopefully the booklet will be ready in a couple of months!  Please pray for this important ministry, and for the Lord's provision for the booklets.

Another blessing of the lockdown has been more church renovations and outreach!  Over the period of about three weeks we were able to renovate and expand one of the church classrooms, and cover an open space that can be used for sanctuary overflow or recreation.  As a small church we have been trying to maximize our space to reach more people with the message of Christ, and eventually have special classes for children and women.

Through the influence of one our church members, Ivanildo, I have had the opportunity in the past few weeks to share the gospel with a number of people...  I have never met someone who knows so many people...and has a burden for them, like Ivanildo!  Pray that God would bring forth fruit in the lives of these and many others who have no hope and who live in bondage to sin.  Pray for the multitudes of children and teens who live in the area near the church who need the Lord, that we would be salt and light to them (Matt. 5:13-16). 

Our family has been in "study mode" for the past few weeks! Deborah is preparing her final thesis for law school, which is due in a few days.  She has been working really hard and burning a lot of mid-night oil to get her thesis ready.  If all goes well, she will take the Brazilian Bar Exam in a couple of months. Our son, Stephen, is taking an online college course in Marketing, and he too has been having regular exams and projects to complete.  Edinéia has also been hitting the books with a couple of courses she is taking in cooking and biblical studies for women.  She is enjoying both, and of course we all reap the benefits! Please continue to pray for us as we seek to put the Lord first in all things, that we might be vessels of honor for His purpose and glory.

Thank you for your continued support through your prayers and giving!  The Lord has blessed us with many blessings, that we might be a blessing in Brazil and to the Portuguese-speaking world!