Kevin Millard is a graduate of UNA and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  He and his wife have been serving the Lord as missionaries for over 25 years. They served in Albania for five years before arriving in Brazil in May of 2000.  From 2002 to 2007 they helped to plant a church in the city Niteroi.  In 2007 they were invited to work with Fiel Ministries in Sao Jose dos Campos (Sao Paulo), where Kevin served as the director of a pastoral library program, which helped Portuguese-speaking pastors in Brazil and other countries attain Reformed literature.  Kevin has also helped with a children's ministry call AME, where he shares weekly devotionals and offers spiritual counseling to the children. Kevin is presently the Interim Pastor at Grace Baptist Mission in São Jose dos Campos.  He and his wife, Edinéia, have two grown children, Deborah and Stephen.  Grace Life Church and Anchored in Truth have been faithfully involved in the Millards' lives and ministry all of these years through giving and praying.  


Update from Pastor Kevin Millard (May 2023):

Greetings from Brazil!

We trust that all is going well with you. We wanted to send out an update on what has happened during the month of April and give a brief word on the ministry opportunities with the PSP.  

Easter Retreat

On April 6-9, our church held its second Easter Retreat at a rural location outside of Sao Jose (see group photo). We had three nice days of fellowship, food, and the Word of God. Our theme this year was "Pray without Ceasing," as we looked at what the Bible says about prayer and its importance in the Christian's life. I preached a message on the practice of prayer, "The Secret of Praying," from Matthew 6:5-8. Jesus taught His disciples that the secret of praying, the key to having an effective prayer life, was to pray in secret to the Father. I emphasized to my hearers that if we desire to be healthy spiritually and healthy as a church, we must spend time alone with God regularly. We thank the Lord for the wonderful time we had together as we learned about prayer and celebrated the resurrection of our Saviour and Lord! Pray for Pastor Denis and the church as we grow in grace and reach out in this very difficult area.

Visit to Faithful Baptist Church in Niteroi (see church front/sign and group photo)

This last weekend in April, I had the privilege of visiting the church we helped plant in the city of Niteroi (Rio de Janeiro) from 2002 to 2007. The church began in our living room with two families and grew from there. Since we moved to Sao Jose dos Campos in 2007, the year the church became autonomous, it has continued on with its ups and downs, trials, and blessings. In recent months it has gone through some difficult trials as a few members left. The interim pastor, Elcio Lopes, continues to lead the church, where he has been faithfully serving the church and its members for several years. I went back there this past Sunday to encourage him, offer some spiritual counsel and preach the Word. The Lord blessed my time there, and we were all encouraged in the Lord to continue on faithfully and prayerfully in the work of the Lord. Pray for the church there. Pray for Pastor Elcio and the members. Pray that God would send a faithful pastor to serve with Elcio and help reach the very needy community where God has put the church.

PSP Ministry Opportunities

As we mentioned in our last update, the PSP (Portuguese Speaking Pastors) project is preparing for its first ministry outreach to pastors and leaders in the West African country of Angola. I, along with Pastor Samuel Quimputo (photo with Kevin) and another Angolan pastor, Luis Mendonça, plan to travel to the Angolan capital of Luanda, September 6-12, to begin our initial phase of a long-term investment in the lives of pastors and churches in that country. Our focus will be on Baptist work (the planting and supporting of healthy Baptist churches) and introducing pastors and leaders to sound doctrine. During our week-long stay, we have planned to have a meeting with some key pastors, host a small conference on September 8-9, and preach in local churches on the 10th. Please pray that God will bless our time in Angola and put us in contact with those who are hungry for the truth!

A second ministry opportunity has opened up in the country of Guinea-Bissau. I have been to GB several times in recent years, including conferences for pastors and leaders in 2019 (see GB conference photo) and in 2021 with Pastor Samuel. A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a missionary friend in GB about helping with a conference there this year, which is being led by national pastors. It is basically the same group of pastors we partnered with in 2021. They needed a couple of good speakers for their leadership conference in November. Well, my first recommendation was Pastor Samuel...he is well known to the pastors in Bissau, he is a godly man, a great speaker, and he knows the African culture and language very well! Along with Samuel, I recommended another pastor friend here in Brazil, Daniel Deeds (see Daniel and wife with Kevin and Neia). Daniel is an MK (missionary kid) who grew up in Brazil and has a Brazilian wife. He pastors a Reformed Baptist church that he planted and serves as the president of the newly formed Brazilian Reformed Baptist Convention. I told him about the opportunity, and he very happily accepted the invitation. So, pray for Samuel and Daniel as they make plans to go to Guinea-Bissau in November to preach at the National Congress for Evangelical Pastors and Leaders (see red and white Congress poster photo). Pray that the Lord will provide for the travel expenses involved for Samuel and Daniel. 

A special word of thanks to our supporters. Thank you for giving towards our monthly support needs. Like the cost of living everywhere, many things have almost doubled in price here in Brazil! Your faithfulness in giving and praying for us is much appreciated! God has blessed us with churches and friends who faithfully give and hold us up before Him.

Marching on in His grace,

Kevin and Edinéia Millard