Kevin Millard serves as the Director for Portuguese-speaking countries for Anchored In Truth.  He is a graduate of UNA and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  He and his wife have been serving the Lord as missionaries for over 25 years. They served in Albania for five years before arriving in Brazil in May of 2000.  From 2002 to 2007 they helped to plant a church in the city Niteroi.  In 2007 they were invited to work with Fiel Ministries in Sao Jose dos Campos (Sao Paulo), where Kevin served as the director of a pastoral library program, which helped Portuguese-speaking pastors in Brazil and other countries attain Reformed literature.  Kevin has also helped with a children's ministry call AME, where he shares weekly devotionals and offers spiritual counseling to the children. Kevin is presently the Interim Pastor at Grace Baptist Mission in São Jose dos Campos.  He and his wife, Edinéia, have two grown children, Deborah and Stephen.  Grace Life Church and Anchored in Truth have been faithfully involved in the Millards' lives and ministry all of these years through giving and praying.  


Update from Pastor Kevin Millard (August 2022):

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

Would you invite someone to imitate the way you live your life, to follow in your daily footsteps?  Where would that lead them? Well, the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:1, did just that as he wrote in his letter to the church, "Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ." What a challenge...what a responsibility! May the Lord help us to live in such a way, to follow Christ so closely, that we too can invite others to follow in our footsteps.

Vacation Bible School

This past month we held our first VBS since 2019! Our theme was "Jesus, the Good Shepherd!" from Psalm 23.  We invited children from the area surrounding the mission church to participate in the two-day event, July 22-23.  The first day we had 31 children, and the second day, 42.  Since our space is limited, we were only able to invite a small number of the hundreds of children that live in the community.  And praise the Lord, many of them from 4 to 12 years-old showed up to hear about the "Good Shepherd", play games, make crafts and enjoy some delicious snacks!  We were blessed to have dear friends, Todd and Lori Wilson from Birmingham, AL, join us!  Lori led our crafts each day, while Todd helped out, and then preached in our Sunday and Wednesday services.  At the end of VBS, each child or family represented was gifted with a copy of the book, Sammy and his Shepherd (based on Psalm 23), by Susan Hunt.  Pastor Denis and I taught each day on Psalm 23 and John 10, presenting Christ as the Good Shepherd, Who laid down His life for His sheep.  Many of the children listened intently, and our prayer is that the Lord will bring forth genuine conversion in their hearts.  Pray with us as we follow up with them in the coming days, and pray for them and their families that salvation may come.


Church Services

As I mentioned above, Pastor Todd preached for us in our Sunday morning and mid-week services, July 24 and 27, respectively.  It was great to hear someone preaching in my heart language and to be ministered to from the Word.  On Wednesday night we had eight young men in our service from a nearby Teen Challenge ministry as Todd preached from 1 John 2:1-2 on "Christ our Advocate with the Father."  It was a good word for all of us, but especially for these men and their need for Christ in their lives.  Pray for them and for future opportunities to minister to them.

Down Time

Thanks to Todd and Lori, we were able to spend a couple of days on an island... yes, an island that is only a couple of hours drive from our home.  Although the beach and this island, called Ilha Bela (Beautiful Island), is a short distance from us, we had never been there.  So, we joined the Wilsons for two days of down time on the island, a 20-minute ferry ride from the Brazilian coast.  The ladies loved the sand and the shops while the men tagged along and enjoyed their company.  It was literally a breath of fresh air for all of us in the midst of God's wonderful creation!  We also took them to the mountains for a great view (selfie photo 9) and dinner.   Thanks, Todd and Lori!!!

Visit to the US

As I had mentioned in a previous update, I plan to visit the states in September, Lord willing.  I purchased my ticket this week.  One of the main purposes of the trip is to participate in my 40th HS Reunion in Bridgeport, AL.  I also plan to visit a few supporting churches, family and friends.  I do not have a schedule yet, but will be working on it in the coming days.  Unfortunately, Edinéia will not be with me.  Hopefully, I will get to see some of you.  Please pray for the trip, the planning, and for the Lord's provision with the expenses involved.   

Thank you!

Once again, a special thanks to our dear supporters and prayer partners!  Thanks to AIT for their continued support for us and two other pastors, Pastor Denis, who works with us, and Pastor/missionary Francisco in Mozambique.  A big thanks to you, our supporting churches and friends, who faithfully give to the Lord's work here.  I first left the US as a single guy in July...29 years ago.  And by God's grace, with my wife and two "kids", we are still here.  Thanks for standing (and kneeling) on our behalf.

Marching on,

Kevin, Edinéia, Deborah and Stephen

AIT Brazil