Mariusz (Max) Bartkowski is serving as pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Bydgoszcz. He is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, University of marketing and management, and Warsaw Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to entering full-time ministry in 2011, Max worked as a Trade Marketing Manager at T-Mobile, Poland. He and his wife Agnes, have two children, John, and Adam. Max has served in Polish Baptist Union churches for four years. In 2015, he moved with the family to Dublin (Ireland) to support his mother-in-law who was diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemotherapy. He stayed there for one year and was trying to reach Polish emigrants in cooperation with the local church. As he was planning to come back to Poland he was praying and seeking guidance from the Lord on how they could best serve Him. Max came to the conviction that he must plant an independent, biblical church in Poland. As he had never planted a church before, he needed to seek training. God, in His provision connected him with Grace Baptist Partnership and he moved with the family to Edinburgh (Scotland) to learn from Pastor Ali McLachlan. He was trained and sent with his family as a missionary by Grace Baptist Church, Edinburgh to Bydgoszcz in July 2017. Grace Baptist Church Bydgoszcz was constituted in November 2019.

Update from Pastor Bartkowski (July 2021):

Dear brothers and sisters,  

We give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you”. 

We were blessed by the visit of the Anchored in Truth mission team at the beginning of July. Our brothers and sisters from Germany and the UK joined the team. It was a great time of fellowship, prayer, and outreach. The team distributed thousands of brochures, leaflets and had some good conversations. They sowed the seed, and we pray that God will give growth in His time.


It was great joy for all of us. I am sending you few comments from Polish team who participated in the week of evangelism: 

“This week has been the great blessing, to be able to meet people from different countries and backgrounds and yet one in Christ, laboring together for the Lord, evangelizing,  fellowshipping and growing in Christ.” 

“It was wonderful time meeting so many fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Their visit  was a great encouragement for us. I remember it kindly, and I am thankful.” 

“That was a great encouragement for me – they “gave me wings”. Devotionals, testimonies, and fellowship time was what I needed. I was so blessed!” 

“The team was a great blessing, not only by helping us to reach lost people, but also for us. Even though we met them for the first time, it was as if we had known each other since childhood. Such things are only possible through Christ.”

Our hearts were encouraged and knit together in love. We hope it was mutual encouragement. 


Please pray:  

  • For those who heard the gospel or received tracts. May God draw them to Christ.
  • For few people who want to serve the Lord wholeheartedly (like those from the AIT  team) to join our church and serve alongside us.
  • For us to continue to share the Gospel with boldness and love. 

Yours in Christ!