Pastor Juan Tacsa has served as a church planter/pastor with Anchored in Truth Ministries for over 15 years. He serves in the mountains of Perú working with the Jaqaru people in the villages of Aiza, Tupe, and Colca. His ministry includes evangelism, teaching, preaching, and personal discipleship. He currently pastors the believers in these three villages while at the same time training up leaders from among them to continue the work in the future. Pastor Juan also serves the churches at the base of the mountains by providing teaching and discipleship. One of the special aspects of Pastor Juan's ministry is his ministry to the children in the villages where he serves. Pastor Juan devotes a lot of his time to teaching the young children God's word through Bible lessons and songs, planting the seeds of the Gospel in their hearts. Pastor Juan is married to his wife, Vivian, and they have a daughter named Damaris.

Update (August 2021):

Pastor Juan continues to minister in the mountain villages of Aiza and Tupe where he spends time discipling the believers and sharing the Gospel with the lost. He also frequently serves the church in the valley village of Canchan by teaching there when he passes through. An important part of his ministry is his work with the children in Aiza and Tupe. Pastor Juan asks for prayers for the church in Tupe as it has recently lost its meeting place and needs another one. Please pray that God would provide a place for them soon. He also requests prayers for Sister Rosalvina in Tupe who recently twisted her ankle. She is a very dear and important member of the church in Aiza who was baptized not too long ago. 

The Lord is continuing to build his church in the mountains of Peru. There have been several baptisms in recent months. The most recent baptism is that of Richard, a young man that Pastor Juan has ministered to for many years. Richard shows good evidence that the Lord has a done a saving work in his life. He loves to be at church with God's people and to learn more of God's word. Please pray for Richard that God continues to bless him and cause him to grow in Christ.

The first photo below is of Richard's baptism, and the second photo is of Pastor Juan teaching the church in Aiza. 

As always, Pastor Juan sends many thanks to all the partners of AIT for their generous support of the Lord's work in the mountains of Peru.