Chalala is a large middle to upper class residential area in the South Eastern part of the captial city of our country, Zambia. Middle aged to older couples with their families have bought land and built houses there while most young professionals settle there finding homes to rent. Most of the houses are gated and it is difficult to get into contact with residents who are busy with their own lives. Our current strategy is to come up with events that would interest them such as couples and women’s meetings dealing with pertinent issues and children’s conferences and men’s breakfasts. We hope that as the community comes out to these events we can get their contacts and forge relationships with them to create an occasion to share the gospel.

-Thank God with us for the sending church, Kabwata Baptist Church that has encouraged members of the church living in the area to support the new church. There is great enthusiasm about it

-Pray for us as we seek to raise funds for a plot of land and building. Land in the area is pretty expensive. We would need around $25,000 for a good plot of land alone. And perhaps another $25,000 for a building.

-We have committed the first few years to out and out outreach using the event strategy described above which requires plenty of work in planning and plenty of hands in followup. Please pray that the Lord would give us strength and bless our gospel efforts!

Update from Pastor Mwindula Mbewe (October 2021):

Hillview has membership!

On October the 3rd we were privileged to move to our own place, establish membership with 42 people and take the Lord's Supper for the first time! The church members are pictured above. In the weeks leading up to the big day, I wondered what my final message at our previous meeting place would be where we had been since we launched in 2019. I chose Psalm 126: "When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion we were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, our tongue with shouts of joy. Then they said among the nations, 'The LORD has done great things for them.' The LORD has done great things for us and we are glad."

To commemorate our big move we held an in-house conference that began on Friday, 1st October and led up to the constitution of membership on Sunday. Pastor Joe Shoko and his wife, Tinotenda, of Berean Baptist Church in Harare, Zimbabwe graced the occasion as our speaker during the conference. We were greatly encouraged!

On the Friday and Saturday nights we had about 50 people attend the meetings which began at 7pm each night. On Sunday morning, which was the grand finale, about 150 people came. Mr. George Sitali, an elder from the sending church, Kabwata Baptist Church, led the us through the membership constitution process. Mr. Chakonta his fellow elder prayed for the new members. We were grateful to have Mutale Mubanga, a deacon from the sending church share a song on Friday and the singing group Sanctum sharing two songs on Sunday. After the preaching of God's word, I led the congregation in the Lord's Supper which was a great joy. Afterwards we had lunch together and fellowship. Thank God with us for the success of the conference and the encouraging time we had. Thank God for the way in which the people worked together to make it a success which was particularly encouraging to see. Please pray for us as we organize ourselves particularly to effectively follow up the many souls that God keeps bringing to our church services every Sunday. We will now do this through the home fellowship groups that have been formed. Pray also for resources to finish paying off the plot of land and the toilet block that we are setting up.

After lunch, the new membership got together for a short meeting where details were shared about giving as well as the three new house groups that had been created. A newly produced discipleship manual called Fundamentals of the Christian Faith was also handed out. We hope to use the manual for the Christians and converts we are trusting God to bring our way. Duties of ushering on Sundays and following up of visitors were shared between the three house groups. Please pray that the members would be committed to their home groups and would bond with their fellow members.