Steven and Cindy Jobert have been serving overseas for the past 20 years in South and Central America and now in Taiwan. They have 4 children, Caleb and Abby are in college in California and Cody and Eliana are at home with us.  We have been serving here for the past several years in training Taiwanese churches in evangelism and discipleship.  We have been serving in a local church here for the past couple of years discipling believers to join us in ministry. We are ministering on several university campuses, helping churches start outreach ministries, and mentoring young Taiwanese who are called to ministry.

Update from Jobert Family (May 2021):

Caleb (our oldest son) will be graduating this summer, so we will be heading back to the US for a short visit. It has been 3 years so we are very thankful to be able to visit family. It has been an amazing season of ministry, but we also realize that we really need a time of rest. We need to be very careful while we are home. Since we are home for such a short period of time, if we were to test positive, Taiwan will not let us re-enter for several months. So we will have to be very low-key on this visit...

We are thankful for a couple of young Taiwanese we’ve been able to disciple who feel called to ministry.  One other guy I have been discipling for a year now will head to seminary this summer.  A couple other members are assisting new church starts. We are so thankful for these who are committing themselves to Christ and his ministry.

Our campus ministry teams have had a lot of opportunity to share the Gospel this month. We started a new Bible study on one of the campuses. The students coming have never been to church or heard anything from the Bible.

We had a special outreach for mother’s day. Several mothers came to church for their very first time. We are so glad that they heard the Gospel and were around the love of the church.

Please pray with us for Caleb and his direction in the next few months. He is a little lost of direction. He is struggling where to live and what his next step is for education, work, etc...  We are praying for Caleb to seek the Lord in this process.  We are also praying that the Lord will provide a car. We have been getting the word out to see if someone is upgrading. We are looking for a dependable second hand vehicle that we could buy.

Taiwan has been able to keep Covid out over the past year. However, recently it was brought in and the numbers here are rising. We are suffering a 3 year drought. We only have 5 days of water per week. The reservoir now has under %5 water left. People are getting more concerned. Pray with us that their hearts will be more open during this time to hear the Gospel.

We really appreciate AIT for your prayers and support. It is a great encouragement and blessing for us to know that you all are standing with us as we reach more Taiwanese for Christ.

Steven and Cindy
(Caleb, Abby, Cody, Eliana)