Steven and Cindy Jobert have been serving overseas for the past 20 years in South and Central America and now in Taiwan. They have 4 children, Caleb and Abby are in college in California and Cody and Eliana are at home with us.  We have been serving here for the past several years in training Taiwanese churches in evangelism and discipleship.  We have been serving in a local church here for the past couple of years discipling believers to join us in ministry. We are ministering on several university campuses, helping churches start outreach ministries, and mentoring young Taiwanese who are called to ministry.

Update from Jobert Family (April 2021):

Buried with Christ

We had 6 Baptisms on Easter. We had many non-Christian family and friends come to see them baptized. We already have others ready to be baptized. We praise God for what He is doing through the church.

Pray for Rain

We are on the 3rd of year drought, the worse drought in 56 years. The reservoir of our drinking water is now below 5%. Right now we have water 5 days a week. We are praying for God to send the rain.

New Church Outreach

We helped with a new church outreach. We had many families come and were able to hear the Gospel, most for the first time.

Back Together

Caleb will graduate from University this summer, so we will make a short trip back to be with him and Abby. It’s been 3 years since we have seen our parents. We are thankful for this opportunity. Thank you AIT for your continued support.

Serving in Taiwan,

Steven, Cindy, Caleb, Abby, Cody, Eliana