Grace Life Church, Pinedale, Wyoming

Grace Life Church of Pinedale began in the hearts of three families who have a desire to see Christ glorified. These families were brought together in March of 2013 and began worshiping, praying, and seeking guidance from the Lord on how they could best serve Him. After much prayer and many months seeking where there was a great need, two of the men heard about the vast lostness that is prevalent in America.

After speaking with many brothers in many different parts of the country, Pastor Jason Reasor reached out specifically to those in the state of Wyoming. During their many conversations, it was discovered that over 94% of the population of the state did not have a relationship with Christ. This laid heavily upon the hearts of the families and they began praying about this monumental move.

In July of 2014, Jason contacted Steve McAlister of Anchored in Truth Ministries and Grace Life Church of the Shoals to see if they would oversee this plant. Jason first attended the True Church Conference in 2009 and was well aware that sound doctrine and a great love for Christ characterized the people at Grace Life Church. The families that Jason represented knew that Christ is glorified in His church, and He is most glorified in His church when she is biblically healthy. They sought to come under the authority and guidance of Grace Life Church in order to ensure that they would be held accountable for their stewardship of the Gospel and this work. 

By God's grace and the commitments of the wonderful people across the Grace Life family, these families will be on the field in Wyoming beginning in late May 2016.

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