Pastor Timoteo Ogatis of Grace Life Church, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines has trained and sent out several men to pastor and plant churches.  Presently, there are eight church plants in the Philippines and one in Singapore. This is an exciting partnership with Pastor Timoteo and these men sent out from his church.  With the construction of the new Anchored in Truth Bible College at Quezon City there is a great potential for more church plants all across Southeast Asia.

Anchored in Truth Bible College is a ministry of Anchored in Truth in partnership with Grace Life Church of Quezon City.

The increasing need in the mission field for Biblical preachers is the impetus that motivated us to establish this institution. We realized that utilizing preachers who are pastoring Churches will help but only for a short period of time. Soon inefficiency manifests when exhaustion sets in. The ideal solution is to provide Biblical training to those who had answered the call of God for full time service.

Our goal is to provide a balanced education and training that encompasses the heart (Character), the mind (Bible Doctrines), and the hands and feet (Christian Service).

The following are the trainings this College offers: 

1. Theological Training – Bible Doctrines, Christian Apologetics

2. Ministry Training – Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Counseling

3. Church Leadership Training

4. Communication Skills Training – English Grammar, Public Speaking

We also envision to train students from other countries and send them to their country of birth. We strongly believe that national pastors will do a lasting mission work in their homeland than a foreign missionary.