The Philemon Fellowship is a fellowship of godly men who serve in the workplace and who are committed to seeing God glorified throughout the world through the establishment and flourishing of biblical local churches. Chad Epperson (owner and CEO of United Treating & Distribution) is the Vice President of the Philemon Fellowship, and he is passionate about business as ministry and building great businesses for the Greater Purpose. For more information about Chad, click here.

The purpose of the Philemon Fellowship is twofold:

  • To see God’s work of planting/revitalizing sound, local churches to flourish to the ends of the earth for the glory of God.
  • To be a fellowship of godly men whom God might use to impact the workplace everywhere through local churches to build great businesses for the greatest purpose by providing mentorship to bring glory to God through faith in the workplace.

The Philemon Fellowship seeks to fulfill this twofold purpose by developing in local churches an encouraging and mentoring fellowship that fulfills the following objectives:

  • Sharing best practices with each other to help one another to build great businesses for the greatest purpose
  • Instilling and practicing biblical principles and a clear Gospel witness in and through the workplace
  • Committed to be a loyal supporter and trusted friend of our local church pastor
  • Committed to develop our businesses to have a high priority of supporting our local church and its world missions endeavors
  • Committed to see the Philemon Fellowship as an extension of foundational ministries of the church and never as a replacement

Men can participate in the Philemon Fellowship through the Workplace Forum as well as through the Business Roundtable. See graphics and links below for more information.



Click here to watch a video on how the Philemon Fellowship began. 

Click here to watch a testimonial video on the impact of the Philemon Fellowship.



For more information about the Business Roundtable and to register, click here.


For more information about the Workplace Forum and to register, click here.


There are now Philemon Fellowships that have begun at other churches in the Anchored in Truth family. These churches are listed below along with a link to contact them if you have an interest in the Philemon Fellowships that meet there.

Grace Life Church of Pryor in Pryor, Oklahoma (click here to contact)

Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Tennessee (click here to contact) 


If you have any questions or would like any more information about the Philemon Fellowship, please contact us by filling out the fields below.