David is responsible for the preaching ministry of Christ Baptist Church. He is a native of middle Tennessee, a graduate of the University of North Alabama with a BS degree in Nursing, and a 1994 graduate of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary with a Masters of Religious Education. Prior to entering the ministry, David worked as a Registered Nurse in Emergency/Trauma, Cardiac Care, and Neonatal Intensive Care. He and his wife Lisa, have two children, Anna and Austin. David has served on staff at Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church since July 2000 as associate pastor overseeing administration, education, missions, senior adults, and children. He is the founder of Divide-The-Truth Ministries that has served over 100 churches in the last 16 years with Sunday School notes that “rightly divide the word of truth.” In view of starting Christ Baptist Church, he discontinued this ministry in May 2017 so he could focus his attention on the new church.


Update from Pastor David Brown (October 2021)

Greetings from Christ Baptist Church!


“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is fixed on you because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3


These words, while spoken to the southern tribes of Israel during trying times, have always been an encouragement to me in trying times. 


This past summer has not been what we had planned for.  Like many of you, we had great plans for the summer months that were changed by COVID. We had big plans for an outreach in August that was cancelled last year because of the pandemic.  It would have been the first time our church hosted a mission team from a sister church in Florida. The church was excited until we cancelled it two days out when COVID struck our church and the church in Florida making it impossible to continue.  We plan on trying again next year.  In the meantime, we are planning an event on October 9th with just our church going door-to-door.


Despite the summer not being what we planned, the Lord has been busy at CBC.  I have been too!  Like last year, the second half of the year has brought us some new families. 


  • The Parker family (Rodney, Wendy, and Addison) have been visiting with us for several weeks.  A simple invitation from another family member is what bought them. 
  • In addition to them, we have another young man, another Parker, and his future wife.  They are getting married in January and plan to join CBC very soon.  His name is Brady, and her name is Cloe.  We will be baptizing Brady in the next several weeks.  A simple invitation from the same family member brought them to us as well.
  • And we have a third family that has started attending in the last two weeks.  They are planning on joining very soon.  Lisa and I have known them for many years and look forward to their joining. They are going to be a great addition to our church.

In September we averaged 53 in attendance. Last September we averaged 39.  Last September we did not have small groups.  We began five classes last October and are adding a new youth girl’s class the first Sunday of October. With this additional class, we had to move three classes around to make room, and we have two classes meeting in our fellowship hall. Shelbyville Mills graciously gave us two dividers so we can hopefully control the noise, but it will be challenging. Our next small group challenge will be an additional preschool class.  This one is going to be real challenging!


We are running out of space for worship and small groups and would appreciate your prayers about this.  We attempted to close in a pavilion to make four more classes, but it would not meet codes.  I have always overseen small groups.  I cut my teeth on Leon Kilbreth, Fred Boone, and Noel Wright, but the challenges we are facing with space are new for me.  At some point we are going to have to build something, but land is an issue. 


With all the new families coming our way, we will be conducting a membership class in November, but to do this on Sunday morning requires us to move the small group classes in the fellowship hall.  Every time we make one move, we must make three more to accomplish one thing! It is almost exhausting trying to think ahead, but what a wonderful challenge to have! I am thankful for the willingness of the people at CBC.  No one complains or rolls their eyes when I ask them to move again.


The greatest challenge I face is knowing where I want CBC to be but not having the resources to get there as quickly as I would like. 


After several months in the book of Ruth, I finished two weeks ago.  I am taking a break from expository preaching in a book for six weeks and preaching evangelistic messages before starting the pastoral epistles.  We have a plentiful harvest literally within the walls of our church.  One of them will be baptized this Sunday.  I will be in the book of Daniel on Wednesday night for several more months.


Last year, one of our newest members asked if a ministry he began about two years ago could come under the church’s authority.  His ministry offers an affordable and safe place for men who have come through alcohol and drug treatment until they can re-establish their lives.  He can house 10-12 men and is usually full.  They are required to work, attend CBC, and the Thursday night Bible study he oversees, and be open to additional counseling and strict accountability measures to make sure they are making progress.  To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed with the thought of this sort of ministry coming to us being so new and small.  These men have lots of ups and downs. Some stay for months, some only for a few weeks, and a couple for more than a year. They bring lots of baggage with them and in most cases have destroyed every earthly relationship.  We did take them under our church, and it has been a learning process for us, but it has not been as difficult as I thought it would be thanks to him and my associate pastor who takes care of any issues that come up.  The ministry is called Colossians 1:28.


Prayer Concerns

Austin, Taylor, Jeremy, Brandon, Clint, Matt – Salvation

Wesley – baptismal counseling going on right now

Daniel and Robin – Visiting off and on for months. Daniel just had his second hip replacement.        

Challenges with sanctuary and small group space

Outreach on October 9, 2021


Family – All is well with the family.  Austin has settled in in Huntsville, AL with his new job and started working on his master’s degree. Anna is in the thick of nursing school.  When she comes home, we compare notes as to what it was like when I was at UNA in nursing school.  Lisa continues to work at the veterinary clinic.  I would covet your prayer for my hip and back issues.  The surgery I had in CA July 2020 did not help me.  Many days it is discouraging.  There are a few options available for me to try, but none of them are very promising, and I have simply come to the conclusion I am stuck with the pain until the Lord heals me here or hereafter.    


Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your love.


David Brown