David is responsible for the preaching ministry of Christ Baptist Church. He is a native of middle Tennessee, a graduate of the University of North Alabama with a BS degree in Nursing, and a 1994 graduate of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary with a Masters of Religious Education. Prior to entering the ministry, David worked as a Registered Nurse in Emergency/Trauma, Cardiac Care, and Neonatal Intensive Care. He and his wife Lisa, have two children, Anna and Austin. David has served on staff at Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church since July 2000 as associate pastor overseeing administration, education, missions, senior adults, and children. He is the founder of Divide-The-Truth Ministries that has served over 100 churches in the last 16 years with Sunday School notes that “rightly divide the word of truth.” In view of starting Christ Baptist Church, he discontinued this ministry in May 2017 so he could focus his attention on the new church.

Update from Pastor David Brown (September 2022)

Greetings from Christ Baptist Church!


The end of summer has officially been marked as I write this newsletter. It has been a busy summer at CBC and personally.

As many church leaders attest, Covid made things very difficult these last two years, especially evangelistic outreaches. I was ready to get back to door-to-door outreach well over a year ago, but I was concerned about the reception of some because of fears of Covid, so we waited.

Starting in April we began a once-a-month door-to-door ministry that we ran through the end of August.  We managed to get five outreaches completed with 20+ people going out each time.  The weather interfered with two of them.  We managed to visit about 700 homes. We have one more outreach scheduled, October 13-16th, with a team from Calvary Baptist Church, Allentown, Florida and the college small group class at Shelbyville Mills.  This outreach has been planned two previous years, but Covid messed that up. We are planning on 1000 visits and a fall outreach cookout and fun activities for our church and visitors. The plan is for us to go to Calvary Baptist next summer so our people can be missioned minded outside of our area.  

Door-to-door outreach is not difficult. The fields are “white unto harvest.” Subdivisions with hundreds of houses are being constructed in a matter of weeks and quickly sold, and these subdivisions are getting closer to the church. Rutherford County continues to lead TN as one of the fastest growing counties in the state.  Please pray for us that we will see fruit from our labors.

This past July Lisa and I went to Poland with a team from AIT.  The team consisted of four churches in the US and members from England, Scotland, Austria, Ukraine, and Poland.  This was Lisa’s first oversees mission trip and my first European one.  Daily we went out into the city and attempted one-on-one conversation with anyone willing tolisten.  We had some great opportunities of sharing the gospel.  We also participated in English as a second language classes.  The classes were well attended.  This was a first for us and it was an amazing opportunity of sitting down and leading conversations to the point of a gospel witness.  Like every mission trip, we made some great friends here and abroad, had wonderful fellowship, and returned home exhausted. We had a wonderful experience and plan on returning next July.  Many thanks to AIT for making this opportunity available!

Upon returning home, it was good for us to bring back a report and many pictures to our church with the hopes of getting some of CBC involved in international missions.

We are well into I Corinthians on Wednesday nights and I must agree it is one of the most practical books for the NT church.  Looking ahead I can see why the Lord put this book on my heart. I am about to finish I Timothy which I started the first Sunday of January with plans of moving into II Timothy after a few weeks of addressing some other matters from the pulpit- evangelism being first on the list.   

Family – All is well with the family. Lisa has cut back on her hours and only working one day a week in Pulaski, TN.  Anna returned to UNA a few weeks ago as a senior preparing for graduation. It may not seem like it to her, but college has gone by quickly.  Austin remains in Huntsville and plans to return to UAH in the spring to pick back up on his master’s degree. 

Church – As I stated in my last newsletter, this fourth year has been the most difficult and discouraging. We have had many losses for lots of reasons.  It is frustrating to lose what you worked so hard to acquire, but seasons like this are part of church life like they are in our personal lives.  Over the last several months I have had many conversations with people still out of church because of Covid. My response has been the same, “Covid is over. It’s time to get back in church.”

Prayer Concerns – First, please pray for our October outreach. We need to reach young families with children for we lost some this past year.  I have met with a couple of families in the last several weeks with small children. One had been a part of a mission church for seven years and has moved back to the area, and the other approached me about coming to CBC.  We could really use these families.  It would be a boost of encouragement for CBC.

Second, space is not a current issue as it was a year ago, but I have not dismissed the need for it in the future.  I am praying about what to do and the timing.  With a little growth, small groups will be challenging with the current building design.  We are attempting to clear .6 acre behind us for parking but are running into roadblocks with codes.  This would not be suitable land for building, but it would free up some space for parking.

While in Poland the mission team was reminded numerous times to “be flexible,” I remind our members we are a mission work in progress, so “Be flexible, so you will not be bent out of shape when we must make changes.”

We are spoiled in America. Many churches have it too easy and we get used to that, so when changes are necessary, we resist them.  For several years I have said to church members, “I am not asking you to move your family to Africa, just across the hall.”  Sacrifice is a forgotten subject in many of our lives, but no work of God will be accomplished without the saints of God willing to make sacrifices of their time, talents, and treasures.  Sacrifice ought to be in our spiritual DNA for it is by the sacrifice of One that we receive forgiveness and the remission of sin. It is by His sacrifice that He calls on us to be a “living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.”

I am only asking for reasonable service from the saints of God! 

Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your love.


David Brown


Lisa, Anna, David, Austin