Pastor Seth Channell was raised in Newburg, Alabama and educated at The University of North Alabama, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He spent the first years of pastoral ministry serving three congregations in Northwest Alabama. In 2012 he became the Senior Pastor of Grace Life Church of Ankeny. Grace Life Church of Ankeny started in 2010 with four families and today is a growing congregation of 73 members with 88 children and a number of full-time attenders. Seth resides in Ankeny, Iowa with his wife, Debbie, and their five children.

Update from Pastor Seth Channell (October 2022):

Since my last update we have been busy starting new small groups, training new deacons, finalizing our 2023 budget, and interviewing a number of new church members. Also, last week we were blessed to host Pastor Jeff Noblit. He was able to spend time with our elders explaining how our church can be more involved in AIT missions and he blessed our congregation by preaching in our worship service. He was also an encouragement to me!

(1) I asked you in July to pray for three new deacons. We have secured a deacon to oversee our finance and children's ministry, but still need someone to serve as deacon of facilities. Pray the right person will be found to fill this role.

(2) Continue to pray for this engaged couple who are curious about Christianity. They both know they are not Christians, but seem interested. Pray they will be committed to attending the studies and that the gospel will grip their hearts.

(3) Pray as we seek to identify two new small group leaders. We would like to start two new groups in early 2023.

(4) Pray for our new deacon of children ministry as he evaluates our current classroom setup. We need to make changes to provide a better meeting environment to help with the kid's behavior and the morale of our volunteers. We really need favor with the teachers who use these rooms during the week at the Christian school. Pray they will be receptive to a few changes we would like to make.

(5) Pray that our elders will have wisdom in knowing how and at what speed to bring our church into more missions involvement.

(6) Pray the Lord will raise up more elders to help bear the burdens of our church. Pray anyone pursuing eldership with bad motives would be exposed and we would be spared the problems that would bring.

(7) Our church has experienced unusual numerical growth in the last six months. While we praise God for this, it has caused some problems. We've had to make changes to our small groups; it has placed stress on our seating capacity and children's ministry; and it has unearthed some hidden preferences of longer term members. Pray the elders will shepherd our people through these problems with patience and humility. Pray we would also know when to be firm in addressing any division. Thankfully the Lord has been kind to us so far, so we don't want to take that for granted but want to petition Him even more.

(8) Pray the Lord will continue to bless my conversations with my children. May God's word take root in their hearts and bear much fruit.

May God continue to bless our partnership in the gospel!

In Christ,

Seth Channell

Lead Pastor

Grace Life Church