Pastor Seth Channell was raised in Newburg, Alabama and educated at The University of North Alabama, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He spent the first years of pastoral ministry serving three congregations in Northwest Alabama. In 2012 he became the Senior Pastor of Grace Life Church of Ankeny. Grace Life Church of Ankeny started in 2010 with four families and today is a growing congregation of 73 members with 88 children and a number of full-time attenders. Seth resides in Ankeny, Iowa with his wife, Debbie, and their five children.

Update from Pastor Seth Channell (July 2021):

We had a refreshing last few weeks.

We added two new members at our last members' meeting. Also, I am currently meeting with someone for baptism and we are hopeful to celebrate later this month or early August.

The first Sunday in June we had a church wide picnic that served as an "engage" event. We use these events to help our people become aware of unbelievers. It is easy to live in our spiritual cul de sacs and never really interact with unbelievers. We had a great turnout.

This past weekend we had two of our small groups host 4th of July block parties. Christians were able to fellowship with one another and unbelieving neighbors were engaged. Pray for David and Larissa who attended one of these gatherings. One family in our church has shared the gospel with them and they are open to conversation. They have even attended our Sunday gathering twice. While we are thankful, we are praying they will repent and trust in Christ and not just become church attenders.

I've mentioned previously our efforts to remodel the space we rent for worship from the local Christian school. Things are moving slowly, as we expected, but we will soon be ready to meet with the headmaster and school board. Pray we will find favor for our recommendations.

On a more personal note. Pray for our family's upcoming vacation (end of July). Pray it will be a refreshing break from the rigors of ministry and that we will return with a greater desire and joy to minister God's word.