Grace Life Pryor was planted in 1999 (then under a different name) by Pastor Derek Melton. The church plant came out of our work with at-risk teens that had been ongoing for 8 years. In 2013, they became a church plant of Anchored In Truth. Their passionate desire is for GLCP to be a Gospel outpost in our our community. They continue to outreach to at-risk teens three days per week as the State brings them to them from a quasi-military program in their town. They can have an upward of 150 teens per service. They are in their 27th year of service with this program - for Gospel work. Derek and his wife, Stacey, have two grown children ( Lindey and Cody, ages 31 and 33) and four grandchildren (Luke, Hunter, Micah, and Halle, ages 3, 5, 6, 7). Grace Life Pryor has grown by the Lord's blessing, and their passion is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus by loving and obeying Him.