Pastor Chris Twilley is married to Amy, and they have four children, Joshua, Scarlet, Kaylee, and Alli. Chris is the Pastor/Church planter of Grace Life Church of Senatobia. Grace Life started as a Bible study with 8 people in the Fall of 2016. The group has grown, and they have been blessed to see 10 people profess their faith in Christ, through believers baptism, since the start. In October of 2019, 19 people committed to serve the Lord together as the membership was formed. They started out meeting in the local library and are now renting a building.

Update from Pastor Chris Twilley (September 2022):

Dear Friends and prayer warriors,
The Lord is so faithful!
I want to apologize for the September Newsletter being later than normal.  This is because we have been so busy with ministry.  So in that sense, it is a good thing.
Here is what the Lord is doing and here is how you can pray:
1.  Family:  Amy and I are so blessed to have each other.  I am so thankful for my wife everyday.  God is growing us together in love and understanding of each other.  I was so thankful to teach on "Marriage" yesterday from the book of Genesis and was reminded in the discussions of the biblical definition of love and how blessed I am with Amy.  Scripture says "He who finds a wife finds a good thing". Proverbs 18:22.  Pray that our marriage would be a picture of Christ and His church (Ephesians 5)
Joshua, Scarlet, Kaylee and Alli are doing well and growing in maturity and in opportunities to walk with the Lord.  Joshua started a new job with Fed-Ex.  This is an answer to prayer and he is able to have more income with this job.  He is still adjusting to working at nights and sleeping in the day but thankful to have this new opportunity.  Scarlet is still enjoying her job working in construction and has had some recent opportunities to witness to her co-workers who are asking questions.  Kaylee turns 15 today!  Hard to believe that she is growing so fast.  This year, she will get her driving permit and next year her license, Wow!  (Pray for us, Lol).  Alli is 13 and going on 33!  She is enjoying school and learning so many new things.  They are enjoying ninth grade and working hard on Algebra, History, English, Biology and Bible classes.  Amy and I are so blessed to watch our children grow and mature.  Pray for their continued growth in the Lord and in His Word!  
2.  Church: The Lord is blessing our church.  We have seen several new members join, after having attended our "Membership Information Class". Recently we had a young man join, Gabe Wacker and this brought our membership to 50 people!  Our highest attendance day was recently with 69 individuals in attendance.  The Lord is so faithful and we are blessed to serve Him.   Our sermon series is taking us through Ephesians and we are currently in Chapter 3.   Pray that God would use His Word to build and equip His Church for His Glory!
On Wednesday nights, we are studying our church's statement of faith.  In our Men's meeting, the men are studying the "Doctrine of Salvation" through Systematic Theology. We started with "Election" and will go all the way to "Glorification" over the next year.  The women are sharing their testimonies in their meetings and spending time in intercessory prayer for each other.  Pray for these specific teaching times in small groups to make and grow disciples.  
We recently had a "Members Meeting" in which the church voted 100% to purchase two new signs, one for outside of the building that we are renting and one for the inside to show through the windows.  The discussion, questions and then the unity in the vote was such a blessing to witness.  
Pray that the "two crosses" would remind our church to strive to be Christ centered, proclaiming His Work on the cross and to be and make disciples in Senatobia and around the World.  
3.  Job: I am really enjoying my job teaching at Northwest Community College.  We are about a month into the Fall Semester and I have 167 students in 7 classes.  That sounds like a lot (and it is a lot of grading) but these classes represent 3 subjects.  I'm teaching Philosophy (3 sections), Ethics (1 section) and Old Testament (3 sections).  This year really has been for me the best start yet.  The students are engaged, asking questions and involved in the discussions.  I have students from a variety of backgrounds and I'm so thankful for this opportunity.  Pray for 2 "Tims" that are preparing for ministry and are taking several of my classes.  Pray for Bryana, Kattie and Alexander (who are lost by their own admission).  Pray for my fellow Instructors that I get the chance to learn so much from (history, philosophy, theology, etc.). Some of them are believers but others are religious but are not trusting in Christ alone for salvation (instead are trusting religious works).  Pray that I will love them and be open to opportunities to interact and answer questions as I seek to share the Gospel with them. 
Pray that I would do my job with excellence and help the students achieve their goals for the courses and their career paths.  Pray for the students to grow in knowledge and understanding of these all important topics.  
We are excited to attend the "True Church Conference" at Grace Life Church of the Shoals Feb 16-19 on the subject of "God building His Church".  This year's conference will focus on the Trinity and how each member of the Godhead is used in building and sustaining the church.  I am praying that we will have the largest group yet to attend this conference.  Pray for members to be able to go to this amazing conference and that it would encourage and equip them as believers.  
We are also excited to pray and explore opportunities to partner with Anchored in Truth.  We are in discussions about hosting a "Rightly dividing the Word" weekend which would train small group leaders and encourage area pastors.   We are also wanting to be a host site for the PTI (Pastoral Training Institute) to train and equip those who are called to Pastoral Ministry. Pray as we explore the possibility of hosting these next year (2023).
Thank you all for your love, continued prayers and support.
We are so blessed to be in partnership with you.
In the Grip of His Grace,  
Chris Twilley