Pastor Chris Twilley is married to Amy, and they have four children, Joshua, Scarlet, Kaylee, and Alli. Chris is the Pastor/Church planter of Grace Life Church of Senatobia. Grace Life started as a Bible study with 8 people in the Fall of 2016. The group has grown, and they have been blessed to see 10 people profess their faith in Christ, through believers baptism, since the start. In October of 2019, 19 people committed to serve the Lord together as the membership was formed. They started out meeting in the local library and are now renting a building.

Update from Pastor Chris Twilley (November 2022):

Grace Life Friends and Family,

Thank you all for praying,  God is at work! We are all really busy, but it is a good busy.  

1.  Family:  Scarlet is engaged! Alex Flores is her fiance.  I am encouraged by this young man.  We met several times when they first became interested in each other.  We met for lunch and had several really good conversations.  He is a new believer, having been saved a few months ago.  He has been in church for quite some time but realized recently that he was not saved.  The encouraging thing for me is that he is "on fire" for the Lord (as new converts are many times).  I am so encouraged by the questions that he asks me about the Scripture and the wisdom that he is seeking every time that we get together.  They are looking at an April or May wedding.  Pray for Alex and Scarlet as they plan the wedding and this big step.  
Amy and I are so blessed to have each other and continue to see the Lord lead us through challenges and blessings.  She is such an amazing helpmeet to me!  She is busy teaching the kids at our church on Wed nights and playing the keyboard in our services.  She is enjoying directing the miracles choir at the Baddour Center and also is serving on a board of directors for an area choir.  
Joshua is still enjoying his new job at Fed Ex.  They just started peak season so he is sore from working so hard and fast but glad to earn money and develop relationships at work.
Kaylee and Alli are enjoying the ninth grade.  They work hard in their classes, enjoying making new friends and singing in Cora Rio's area choir.  Kaylee and Scarlet recently celebrated birthdays.  Kaylee and all the women in the family enjoyed a shopping day and Scarlet had a surprise party at a Mexican restaurant, given by Alex.
1.  Church:  The Lord is blessing our Church through His Word in the power of the Spirit.  We are continuing our journey through Ephesians.  What an Amazing Book!  Here is a recent message called "The Unity of Believers" from Ephesians 4:4-6.
We have had several visitors recently and have 2-4 people who have expressed interest in another Membership Information Class that we will plan soon.  
The Men's and Women's groups have met once a month for teaching, testimonies and prayers for one another.
We have observed the Lord's supper recently and are finished our study of our church's Statement of Faith on Wed nights.  
We also are blessed to see our new sign installed.  We had 2 members meetings to discuss the different options and were blessed with 100% unity in the vote to purchase this sign.  Here is a picture of it. 
Inline image
3.  Job:  I am really enjoying teaching all of the classes that I have at the college.  We have just a few weeks left in this semester so pray that I will finish it well.  I so enjoy teaching Philosophy, Ethics, and Old Testament survey.  I have around 75 students in Philosophy, 25 in Ethics and 67 in Old Testament. I get great questions from the students and fantastic discussions of these all important topics.  Classes for the Spring are already filled up, so I am so thankful. 
Pray for:
1.  Victory in walking with the Lord every day.  Pray for me to Love my wife and kids with the love of the Lord.  Pray for me to serve and lead them as the Lord would have me.  
2.  Pray for all members to be growing in their walk with the Lord and their service to each other in and through the church.  Pray for evangelistic opportunities for all members, that we would be obediently sharing the Gospel with the lost around us.  
3.  Pray for excellence in my job performance so that God would be glorified through my giftedness.  Pray that Christian students would grow in knowledge and discipleship. Pray for lost students to become more aware of the Gospel message and what Christ means when He says "Follow Me."
I love you all and am so thankful for your prayers and partnership in the Gospel.
The Lord is so Faithful!
In the Grip of His Grace,
Chris Twilley