Pastor Chris Twilley is married to Amy (27 years), and they have four children, Joshua (22), Scarlet (20), Kaylee (12) and Alli (11). Chris is the Pastor/Church planter of Grace Life Church of Senatobia. Grace Life started as a Bible study with 8 people in the Fall of 2016. The group has grown, and they have been blessed to see 10 people profess their faith in Christ, through believers baptism, since the start. In October of 2019, 19 people committed to serve the Lord together as the membership was formed. They started out meeting in the local library and now are meeting in a building that the owner has made available for us to meet in, rent free, for the present. They began meeting in this building in July of 2020.

Update from Pastor Chris Twilley (October 2021):

Praise the Lord!  


He is Faithful!  


So thankful for what the Lord is doing in these days.


Let me start with family:


1. Family:  Amy and I are blessed to have each other and continue to see God's plan in Marriage as He uses our relationship to continue to sanctify us into what He would have us to be.  Thankful for the continuing opportunities to excercise love and patience with my wife and children.  Thankful that God uses these relationships to continue to bear the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives (Galatians 5:22-25).  Amy and I are both enjoying the jobs we have at Northwest and the Baddour Center. Thankful for a job that puts us in daily contact with others to be a blessing to.  Joshua is working two jobs and thankful to have opportunities for advancement that he is currently considering.  Pray for him to have wisdom as he considers these.  Scarlet is in between jobs but thankful for a break after working many hours for 2 strait years at the mexican restaurant in town.  She currently has a job lead and is excited about this possibility.  More on this later.  She got to take a trip to Utah to see a long time friend of hers.  These two girls got to hike in the mountains and explore some caves.  She enjoyed the relaxing and scenic trip.   Kaylee and Alli are enjoying starting a Christian Home school tutoring program called Journey.  They go to school 3 days a week and are enjoying pre-Algebra, History, Science, English and Bible classes as well as making new friends.  God is so Faithful!


2.  Church:  As a church we finished our 2 year journey through the book of Romans.  God has blessed us with this book and I'm sure we will refer to it often in the days to come.  We also started a new series on The Second Coming of Christ.  This is such an important topic.


Our church members voted 100% in our recent "Members Meeting" to renew our lease on the property that we rent.  This is a multi-year lease and so it secures this location for a while.  We are thankful for this location in Senatobia as we continue to save money for our next step.  God is so Faithful!  


Also: we had 6 people attend our recent "Membership Information Class".  Excited as all of these individuals write out their testimonies of conversion as they considered membership.  Out of this class, 1 person, will be baptized this weekend as they realized that they have not experienced "believers baptism" even though they were saved many years ago.  God is so Faithful!  


This month we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary since the formation of our membership (5 years total from the beginning!)


We also recently adopted a statement about the Covid Vaccine that can be used by church members if they seek a religious exemption to the forcing of this shot on them, as employees.  Thankfully, my nephew, who was faced with this was successful in his seeking this exemption in his job.  We rallied around him and prayed for him as he faced this.  I have also been able to share much information along these lines with others and have seen others successful in their attempt to be exempt from this forced Vaccine.  We also made it clear that getting the shot was a personal decision and no one would be looked down on if they take the shot.  We are just against the forcing of it (on a constitutional basis but also a religious basis) and wanted to help members who were faced with it. 


Pray for us as we pray and think about the formation of Small Groups.  The church members will fill out a survey to give input on "ages, times, etc."  Lord willing we will start these new groups soon.  


3.  Job:   I am still really loving my job at the college.  I'm teaching 7 classes this year with 164 students!  Wow!  Philosophy, Ethics, Old Testament Survey and New Testament survey are my courses and the discussions and interaction with the students has been great.  Thankful to go back to a more normal schedule after last years challenges.  There are more in person classes which gives more opportunity for solid teaching and great face to face interaction.  So much fun to wrestle with these concepts and answer the students questions.  Recently I had a line of 8 students asking question after Old Testament class.  They stayed 15 minutes asking questions about what we went over in the class.  Such a blessing.  God is Faithful!  Pray for me and these students as we journey through these courses together.  


As always, Thank you so much for praying.  God is answering prayers and is about His Glory in His Church (Eph 3:21).


In the Grip of His Grace,

Chris Twilley