Pastor Chris Twilley is married to Amy, and they have four children, Joshua, Scarlet, Kaylee, and Alli. Chris is the Pastor/Church planter of Grace Life Church of Senatobia. Grace Life started as a Bible study with 8 people in the Fall of 2016. The group has grown, and they have been blessed to see 10 people profess their faith in Christ, through believers baptism, since the start. In October of 2019, 19 people committed to serve the Lord together as the membership was formed. They started out meeting in the local library and are now renting a building.

Update from Pastor Chris Twilley (Aug. 2023):

Grace Life Members, friends and family,

Thank you all for praying for us.

Here is what the Lord is doing:

1. Church: The Lord is blessing our church.  The Lord is knitting our hearts together through shared experiences.  During the summer, we had an evangelistic emphasis as I preached several evangelistic texts.  We had a couple of outreach times and had good interaction with people in the community.  We have been blessed to see a couple of people attend from these efforts.  We have had anywhere from 6 to 10 visitors over the last few weeks during this series.

The Gospel of Luke:  Starting on Sunday, August 6th, we will start a series of sermons through this book.  Since the focus of our church is to strive to be a "Christ centered" church, this book on the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ will help us achieve that.  We will strive to follow Christ and be His faithful disciples.

"Knowing God" study on Wed nights.  This past week we started a study through this class book which highlights the attributes of God and how knowing who God is will help us to be impacted by our walk with Him.  This is a practical application of Theology and I am excited by the church's commitment to study this together.  

Fellowship meals:  Once a month, we will have a fellowship meal after the service.  The next one will be on Aug 13th. This is a good time for members and guests to have extended time to visit with each other.  

Pray for:  New members:  At least 3 people have indicated interest in becoming members. Pray that they would join, if it is the Lord's will.  Also pray for the lost:  We have been able to share the Gospel with a couple of people who have never professed faith in Christ.  Pray for faithful giving.  Our members have been faithful to give.  Pray for our needs to be meet so that we can give to missions through Anchored in Truth. 

2. Family: Amy and I have enjoyed more time during my summer break to discuss the Word.  We have had several conversations about the teaching of Scripture and I'm so thankful for my wife and thankful to have these discussions with her.  I have also gotten to spend more time with the girls:  Alli went golfing with me a couple of times and Kaylee has been cutting the grass, earning money for her new phone.  I'm proud of these girls and amazed at how fast they are growing.  I also got to play Frisbee Golf and get dinner with Scarlet recently. I loved catching up with what the Lord is doing in her life and appreciate her encouragement.  I was thankful to win 5 free tickets to a Petra concert in a contest and Joshua and I got to go, along with his house mates and a friend.  I'm a long time Petra fan and this was their 50th anniversary tour (I haven't been listening to them that long, LOL).  (Just 35 years!). It was a great time. Next week, I start back at the college but have really enjoyed the break to rest and rejuvenate. We had a blessed anniversary celebration and a great vacation.  A couple of weeks ago, I got to audit a class on Church History at Grace Life of the Shoals through the PTI program of Anchored in Truth.  What a great week with Tom Nettles and other pastors.  So appreciate Dr. Tim Seal leading this ministry.

Pray for me to be a Christ like husband and father.  Pray for Amy and our kids.  Pray for us all to keep growing in Sanctification (It's a process).

3. Job: This next Monday, I will start back teaching at Northwest.  I'm thankful to receive a 7% raise that went into effect last month.  I'm also thankful to be teaching full classes.  At this point, I have 181 students in 7 classes (3 of Philosophy, 1 of Ethics and 3 of Old Testament (1 in person and 2 online).  Really thankful for this job in the community to be a witness for the Lord.  Pray that I would do an excellent job and be a faithful witness for the Lord. Pray for all the students that come from a variety of backgrounds as they take the courses. 

Thank you all for praying.

Prayer is the work of the Ministry.

Thank you for lifting us up before the Father.

Pray that God would build His Church for His Glory alone!

In the grip of His Grace,

Chris Twilley