After hearing Pastor Jeff Noblit's preaching online, Josh Tancordo decided to move down to Grace Life Church of the Shoals to serve as a summer intern. While there, he met his future wife, Becky. After Josh had been mentored in Muscle Shoals for four years, the congregation commissioned Josh and Becky to plant Redeeming Grace Church in the summer of 2014.

After Josh and Becky built relationships and hosted a Bible study in Pittsburgh for two years, Redeeming Grace Church officially covenanted together as a church in October of 2016. Today, Redeeming Grace Church is a gospel-centered church that values rich biblical preaching and authentic Christian community. More than anything, they are passionate about Jesus. They want to see him worshiped, treasured, and exalted. To learn more about Redeeming Grace, visit


In Psalm 89:1, the psalmist writes, "I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord, forever; with my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations." This past month, there have been plenty of examples of God's "faithfulness" for us to "make known." 

Without a doubt, the most encouraging examples have been the three additional people we were able to baptize. You can view the videos of Mary Ann's baptism here, Mary Lou's baptism here, and Lisa's baptism here. From their testimonies, you'll notice that two of these three ladies have come out of Catholicism very recently. Praise God for how he is opening people's eyes to the light of the gospel! 

In addition, we were also able to welcome 19 people into church membership this past month. All of these have been through our Membership Information Class, been interviewed by a church elder, and have already shown significant commitment to the church. It makes us so hopeful that God has great plans for Pittsburgh since he is bringing us so many laborers! 

A third highlight (pictured above) is the Systematic Theology Seminar we started this past month. This is a relatively rigorous class in which we're going through Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology book chapter by chapter at the pace of one chapter per week. Since the book has 57 chapters, it's going to take a while! This is a standard theology book for many seminaries and yet is accessible for those who are willing to put in the effort. We're excited that 42 people have signed up for the seminar, including many who are relatively new Christians! Please pray this would be a transformative experience in their lives. 

As we head into this upcoming season, please pray that God would be working in us and through us for the glory of his Name. We're very aware that unless we the branches are connected to Jesus the vine, we can do nothing (John 15:4). Please pray that we'd move forward not in our own strength but in prayerful dependence on Jesus through his Spirit. 

Please pray also for an Easter event that we're doing on Saturday, April 1, at a local housing development. It involves an Easter egg hunt and an associated gospel presentation. Based on previous experience, we expect about 50-80 kids to be there, most of them from a Hindu background. Please pray that God would be preparing their hearts even now to be receptive to the gospel and would open doors for relationships with them and their families. 

As always, we remain profoundly grateful for your prayers and support. Please know that, even if you've never been to Pittsburgh, you are nevertheless a vital part of our ministry. Thank you!

Serving Him,
Josh & Becky