After hearing Pastor Jeff Noblit's preaching online, Josh Tancordo decided to move down to Grace Life Church of the Shoals to serve as a summer intern. While there, he met his future wife, Becky. After Josh had been mentored in Muscle Shoals for four years, the congregation commissioned Josh and Becky to plant Redeeming Grace Church in the summer of 2014.

After Josh and Becky built relationships and hosted a Bible study in Pittsburgh for two years, Redeeming Grace Church officially covenanted together as a church in October of 2016. Today, Redeeming Grace Church is a gospel-centered church that values rich biblical preaching and authentic Christian community. More than anything, they are passionate about Jesus. They want to see him worshiped, treasured, and exalted. To learn more about Redeeming Grace, visit


Update from Pastor Josh Tancordo (May 2022):

This past month was an incredibly busy one for us. Not only did we celebrate Easter, there were also several other things that took place that weekend that were very encouraging.  One of them was a Free Oil Change event that we offered to the community on Saturday, April 16. As I mentioned in the previous update email, the basic idea was to offer free oil changes on our church property without any appointment needed and with a particular focus on single moms and widows. I'm grateful to report that the event was a spectacular success! In my estimation, it was the most significant and impactful outreach event we've ever done. Dozens of people showed up to have their oil changed. When they arrived on the property, they were escorted out of their vehicle into a client reception area inside the building, where we had tables set up and snacks and coffee available. In addition, we had numerous volunteers hanging around that area in order to welcome people, get to know them, and have good conversations with them. We also gave each client a gift bag with a Gospel of John, an Easter tract, and an invitation to our Easter service the next day—in addition to various goodies and treats. Meanwhile, other volunteers took the person's car to our back parking lot in order to change the oil (under the supervision of a professional mechanic).  It was especially encouraging to hear many of the clients share not just about how much they appreciated the oil change but also about how moved they were by the love and care that our volunteers expressed to them as they were sitting in the client reception area. In fact, some of them were so moved that they were close to tears as they thanked us for the blessing that we were to them that day.   It was also very encouraging to see our church come together that day. We had a total of 36 volunteers doing a wide variety of different tasks at the event—which is pretty impressive since that’s almost half of the number of adults we have in attendance on an average Sunday morning.  Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for this event—God was certainly at work that day! Please pray for him to continue working as we follow up with those who participated using the contact information they provided. We look forward to doing this event again in the future as well! Most likely, we'll do it in the Spring and Fall of each year.  In addition, we're also rejoicing in the baptism of John Niznik on Easter. One wonderful element of John's story is that God actually used a mission team from Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church to bring John to faith last year. The kicker is that the team didn't even come up with a particular focus on evangelism but rather to help with our church renovations. However, God had his own plans and used a conversation one of the team members had with John in an instrumental way in John's life to bring him to faith. I highly recommend watching the video of John's baptism testimony in order to hear the full story in John's own words. God's grace is amazing! Please pray that many others would come to faith as John did.  Serving Him, Josh & Becky