After hearing Pastor Jeff Noblit's preaching online, Josh Tancordo decided to move down to Grace Life Church of the Shoals to serve as a summer intern. While there, he met his future wife, Becky. After Josh had been mentored in Muscle Shoals for four years, the congregation commissioned Josh and Becky to plant Redeeming Grace Church in the summer of 2014.

After Josh and Becky built relationships and hosted a Bible study in Pittsburgh for two years, Redeeming Grace Church officially covenanted together as a church in October of 2016. Today, Redeeming Grace Church is a gospel-centered church that values rich biblical preaching and authentic Christian community. More than anything, they are passionate about Jesus. They want to see him worshiped, treasured, and exalted. To learn more about Redeeming Grace, visit


Update from Pastor Josh Tancordo (September 2021):

This past month, we were privileged to show the love of Christ in a very practical way. We called it "Love Your Neighbor Day" because it was a day when our church collectively expressed love toward the homeless in our city by bringing supplies to them and talking with them.

The picture posted above is of some of the folks from our church getting supplies ready to distribute to the homeless. We asked our congregation to bring a list of supplies that a local homeless ministry recommended and then spent some time after the worship service stuffing drawstring backpacks full of those supplies. In all, we prepared around 50 backpacks. 

Then on the subsequent Saturday, 16 of us visited several homeless camps around the city in order to give them these supplies, talk with them about the gospel, and pray with them. We also distributed quality gospel literature and Gospel of John booklets. Please pray that the seeds we planted would bear abundant fruit. 

In addition, we had several fellowship activities including a women's day out (on a local one-hour cruise with lunch afterward), a men's rafting trip (an entire day's trip with several Class V rapids), and a youth group mini-golf outing with dinner afterward. Since we've had a lot of new faces showing up lately, we designed these activities to help people get to know each other more and to build the relationships that are foundational to "one another" ministry. 

Things also continue to progress with our church building. As I've mentioned previously, the labor shortage has caused significant delays in the renovation process. Thankfully, things have been picking up, and we're hopeful that we can move into the building in the next 2 months and have the major renovations completely finished in the next 4 months. Please continue to pray that things would move along at a decent pace. The hotel in which we meet has been prioritizing other groups above us (since the other groups typically order food and bring in more revenue), so things are becoming less and less stable at the hotel. This is why prayer for the building renovations is much needed. 

In addition, Janet's Evangelistic Bible Study went extremely well. As you may remember, she had four non-Christian neighbors sign up to be a part of the 5-week study at her house. All four of them attended consistently, and one continues to attend our church. Please pray that God would work in all four of their hearts to draw them to himself. 

Finally, we will be sharing some exciting news next month about events that are rapidly unfolding. We are prayerfully moving toward sending out one of our elders to plant another church in Michigan. The work would be the replant of an existing church that has come upon very difficult times and is struggling to survive. For now, we simply ask that you pray that God would bring things together and glorify himself through that endeavor. 

As always, thank you for your faithful prayers! Our church's greatest need isn't for better strategies or even more resources but for God's power to be manifest. Your prayers bring that about!

Serving Him,
Josh & Becky Tancordo