In October of 2021, Kevin Godin, one of the elders of Redeeming Grace Church in Pittsburg, PA was sent out with his family to plant Redeeming Grace Church of Southgate, Michigan. Kevin is planting this church in partnership with Anchored in Truth Ministries and under the immediate oversight of Redeeming Grace Church of Pittsburgh as his sending church. Redeeming Grace Church of Southgate was constituted as a church in December of 2021.

Pastor Kevin has a wife, Beth, and two children, Zack and Abby.

(Update from November 2023)

Good afternoon RGC prayer partners,
It is amazing how fast this year seems to be going. I pray that each of you are well and that the peace and joy of our Lord and Savior Jesus is abundant with you. We continue to see God working in our little church and are excited about what He will do next! 
Here are the most recent updates so you can continue to lift us up in prayer.
Praises / Prayer:
  • Please pray for Dianna and for Nolan, both of whom are scheduled to be baptized on November 11th. Praise God for their desire to publicly identify with Jesus!
  • Praise God in September we were blessed to have pastor Jason and several brothers and sisters up from First Baptist Church of Lake Butler Florida, They helped us with our first block party which was a wonderful blessing. We estimated we had around 150 visitors and couldn't have done it without our brothers and sisters from Florida  We are looking to plan and possibly expand the event for next year.
  • Praise God we had a great turnout for our Men's prayer breakfast in October with about 35 men who attended for encouragement and instruction from the word and time for prayer together. I would like to especially thank pastor Ken Brown from Community Bible Church in Trenton for helping with that. Good word brother! 
  • Praise God that our ladies retreat wen well. Several of the ladies connected in ways that appear to have deepened their relationships. This was also an event that helped us to identify other areas where we can focus additional ministry attention, which has been a blessing.
  • Please continue to pray for the children's program. We have been praying for children and over the past few weeks the Lord has been bringing us several new children each week. Some of those children have special needs that are putting a strain on our resources and so please continue to pray for our kids program. As I reflected on this, however, I was greatly encouraged. Our congregation has been praying for more kids so that we could honor God by sharing the love of Christ with them. God sent us families who have shared they are not openly welcomed at some other places, even churches. I am confident that God is giving us an opportunity to be faithful and to trust Him in this. What an opportunity it is to testify to His grace by doing everything we can to love these folks. Please pray for our wisdom and patience as we seek to do that.
  • Praise God that we are seeing many more fellowship activities being organized by members unprompted. Two of our community groups are continuing to have "unofficial" meetings during the break because everyone wanted to keep going. Just this week there was a men's bowling event, a women's game night, and a fellowship jam for musicians. All of these came about from members just doing it.
  • Pastor Chris is doing well with his Insititute class as is the women's study. We have two others asking for materials to have evangelistic Bible studies with non-church friends. Please pray for all these opportunities for people to get into the word.
  • Please pray for our Christmas Dinner on December 9th. We hope we can have a good turnout of both members and guests.
  • Please continue praying for the group who are considering establishing a Christian counselling center in our region. This is an important and growing need.
  • As always, please pray that we would do this in God's power and His timing. That we would have unshakeable confidence in His promise that His word is sufficient and that we would be patient and obedient so that He will receive all the glory, which He alone deserves.
Other Updates:
  • The carpet install was pushed back to the end of November. In coordination with that we are looking to revamp several of the kids spaces. We have been blessed to have been able to do far more than we expected on the facility this year. Praise God! There is a lot left to do, so pray about that as well.
  • Again, I want to thank you so much for your continued prayers. 
"Finally, brothers [and sisters], pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you..." (2 Thessalonians 3:1 ESV)

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin