Ali McLachlan is the church-planting pastor of GBC Edinburgh and Associate General Secretary of Grace Baptist Partnership, alongside Barry King. He served as a missionary in Yemen, and as a pastor in Liverpool, England, and Ayrshire, Scotland before commencing his present work in 2011. Ali is involved in training, advising and developing church planting strategy and revitalisation across the UK and into Europe. By God's grace, and with support from Anchored in Truth, Ali has helped train leaders and assist church plants in Edinburgh, Govan, Aberdeen, and Bydgoszcz, Poland. Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city, with half a million people. GBC Edinburgh is a multicultural congregation from all over the world. Scotland's Christian heritage has been largely erased, and many city areas, towns and villages stand in need of gospel witness and true churches. New leaders, evangelistic boldness, biblical reform of churches and new works being started are desperately needed. We deeply value your prayers. Ali is married to Caroline, and they have 5 children, one married and living in Florence AL.