Charlie Rampfumedzi is married to Beauty, and they have three children, Ronewa (Given), Mulanga-muswa (New Covenant), and Mundalamo (Everlasting). They are committed to Joshua 24:15, 24 “But as for me and my house we will serve the LORD. We will serve the LORD our God and we will obey His voice.”

Charlie serves as principal and fellow pastor at Christ Seminary which is the ministry of Christ Baptist Church. We are committed to 2 Timothy 2:2 “entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” The Seminary was established in 1997 with the sole purpose and goal of training and equipping African pastors for pastoral ministry in South Africa and Africa at large. At present, more than 200 African pastors have graduated. They are serving as pastors, church planters, missionaries and chaplains in at least sixteen African countries. Our prayer is that the Lord will send more harvesters into the field and we will remain faithful in equipping and training those whom He called and sent.

Kwacha Simwaka was born and raised in Malawi, Africa. At the age of eighteen, he attended a youth camp where he was saved through the preaching of the gospel. This transformation generated a desire to begin sharing the gospel with others. After realizing the call to the ministry, he pursued theological training at Christ Seminary in South Africa. Upon finishing his studies at Christ Seminary, he decided to go to The Master's Seminary for further pastoral training. While attending seminary, he served with student ministries at Grace Community Church where he met his wife, Amanda. The Simwakas have four daughters—Shirley, Charlotte, Magnolia and Violet.

We serve with Christ Baptist Church and Christ Seminary located in the northern part of South Africa. Christ Seminary is an institution that focuses on training local pastors both in South Africa and across African continent. Kwacha's role in this pastoral training involves teaching and mentoring students. His involvement at Christ Baptist Church includes shepherding young adults and children' ministry.

Update from Pastor Charlie Rampfumedzi (December 2021):

Greetings beloved, from Christ Seminary, Polokwane, South Africa.

We rejoice in the faithfulness and knowledge of the Almighty God who according to His mercy and grace has saved us. If it was not the LORD who was on our side, we could not have accomplished what we intended to accomplish this year. 2021 has been a challenging year to the families, churches, and theological training. But glory and honour goes to God alone in Jesus’ name. There few things I want to update as we conclude the year.

Violence and looting in RSA

Our country was hit by violence and looting of properties. There was a serious anarchy that brought uncertainties on many people in the country and beyond. We praise the Lord for safety and protection to our province. Polokwane, Christ Seminary was not affected by the anarchy and unrest. But number of our students in other provinces such as Gauteng and KZN were seriously affected. One young man who is in his final year at the Seminary lost his business. Everything was looted and the windows were broken. He has to start all over again.

Delta and Omicron variant

Many lives were lost as it happens in other countries as well due to the pandemic. And we experienced our first Covid-19 death case this year in July. One of our church member passed on to glory as he succumbed to this pandemic. These variants are such a threat that people are living on panic button. International travelling is too difficult because of the restrictions and regulations for entry and exit. Nonetheless our hope is in the Lord while in the midst of all these challenges.

Christ Seminary Training

Seminary class sessions proceeded through online channel using zoom. We managed to complete the two semesters with thirty one (31) men. Among these thirty one, eleven (11) will graduate with a Diploma of Theology or Bachelor of Theology. This is one of the highlight of the year.

The Seminary is grateful for the provision and support from friends and partners like you. We witnessed the LORD sending twenty (20) men for the next academic year 2022. This is an item of praise and thanksgiving to God who calls and sends men to the ministry. We pray that the government will grant us the opportunity to conduct our classes via contact mode, which is more effective than online mode.

Mission outreaches

Our international mission outreach was focusing on two countries, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. At the moment, all international mission outreach to Mozambique and Zimbabwe are suspended since it is not viable to enter and exit these countries. Our church did not reach out to these countries as we usually did in the past. Christ Baptist Church leadership have been in serious discussion about church planting locally. And we concluded that Church planting and disciple making is the priority of the CBC mission. Please join us in prayers as we engage in this endeavour beginning next year. 

Personal ministry involvement

I am still grateful to the Lord for the Ministry of the Word. The Lord kept me by His grace in the teaching ministry at the Seminary. My main responsibilities have been teaching Systematic Theology and homiletics. These are classes that I love to teach and I see the value in the lives of the men in training. 

I had wonderful opportunity during June-July to do a series on the ministries of the Holy Spirit from John 14-16. It was a needed series indeed as the church is anticipating church planting in fulfilment of the Great Commission. 

Again I had the privilege of preaching in two major conferences organized by our graduates around Easter and August. Against all odds, I spoke in two webinars addressing the topic “What is African Traditional Religion?” and “Are there foretelling prophets in the church today?” Both these webinars were well attended and there was good interaction from people who come from different theological and church backgrounds. These platforms helped me to expose the audience to our training and to market the Seminary. At the same time reach out with the gospel of truth.


Future plans and prayer requests

  • The first and third years will commence their academic year in 2022. Pray that the Lord will provide them with all that they need for their training.
  • We are planning an Alumni Come Together conference to be held on 17-18 March 2022. 
  • The climax of the conference will be the graduation of the eleven men on the 19 March 2022.
  • If things work well my plan is to attend the True Church Conference next year February 17-20. Pray that the travelling restrictions will be lifted and international delegates will be allowed to travel with ease.

Thank you all friends and AIT for your continuous support and prayers.


Charlie Rampfumedzi and the Family