Charlie Rampfumedzi is married to Beauty, and they have three children, Ronewa (Given), Mulanga-muswa (New Covenant), and Mundalamo (Everlasting). They are committed to Joshua 24:15, 24 “But as for me and my house we will serve the LORD. We will serve the LORD our God and we will obey His voice.”

Charlie serves as principal and fellow pastor at Christ Seminary which is the ministry of Christ Baptist Church. We are committed to 2 Timothy 2:2 “entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” The Seminary was established in 1997 with the sole purpose and goal of training and equipping African pastors for pastoral ministry in South Africa and Africa at large. At present, more than 200 African pastors have graduated. They are serving as pastors, church planters, missionaries and chaplains in at least sixteen African countries. Our prayer is that the Lord will send more harvesters into the field and we will remain faithful in equipping and training those whom He called and sent.

Kwacha Simwaka was born and raised in Malawi, Africa. At the age of eighteen, he attended a youth camp where he was saved through the preaching of the gospel. This transformation generated a desire to begin sharing the gospel with others. After realizing the call to the ministry, he pursued theological training at Christ Seminary in South Africa. Upon finishing his studies at Christ Seminary, he decided to go to The Master's Seminary for further pastoral training. While attending seminary, he served with student ministries at Grace Community Church where he met his wife, Amanda. The Simwakas have four daughters—Shirley, Charlotte, Magnolia and Violet.

We serve with Christ Baptist Church and Christ Seminary located in the northern part of South Africa. Christ Seminary is an institution that focuses on training local pastors both in South Africa and across African continent. Kwacha's role in this pastoral training involves teaching and mentoring students. His involvement at Christ Baptist Church includes shepherding young adults and children' ministry.

Update from Pastor Charlie Rampfumedzi (July 2021):

Greetings beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.

We praise God and always give thanks for His goodness. First of all let me thank you for your prayers and continuous support. It is through your encouragements and prayers that we could be strong and remain focused in the ministry that we received from the Lord. Herein is my semester update.


Praise God our family is still intact and safe. The kids are at home since we are under level 4 and the schools are closed until further notice by the President.



Our first semester is done. We praise God for the success. And we trust Him for the next semester, since we cannot predict what is going to be due to the pandemic.

2021 came with its own challenges. Our expectation was that we will conduct face to face contact class sessions. But the Lord had other plans.  Our 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students attended classes online via zoom. Even though they completed the semester, we missed our precious time of mentoring these men on campus. Again we missed a precious time of fellowship during the Seminary chapels on Thursdays. These are invaluable opportunities that cannot be traded for anything. But we do praise God for the first year students who attended classes on campus. Under severe conditions and trial times, the Lord carried us through. He is indeed faithful and gracious.

Our country is placed on level 4 under Covid-19 regulations. This simply means that churches cannot meet for corporate worship, public and private schools are closed, and Higher Education institutions cannot conduct lectures on campus but only online. Our plan is to conduct all our classes this coming semester online until the restrictions are eased. There are challenges, but we have learned in the past how to deal with many of them in order to facilitate learning and the equipping of men. This is an item for prayers.


The Lord opened a number of ministry opportunities this semester. I had a number of webinar with different groups (Institutions and churches) on the topic “Understanding African Traditional Religion”. It was an equipping and enlightening moment. We still have lot of people who are confused and who are syncretistic in their beliefs and practices. They display what we saw in 2 Kings 17:24-41. This kind of webinar helps the saints and lost sinners.

During Easter and on June 16 which is one of the biggest holidays in the country I ministered in two different churches alongside Christ Seminary alumni, picture below. These are great opportunities for strengthening our graduates and at the same time marketing the Seminary.


The church (CBC) is doing fine. We are just complying with the regulations laid down as long as they do not contradict our biblical convictions. At the moment we are so dependent on the guidance of our Lord, since it is hard to fulfil our shepherding responsibilities.

During the months of May-July, I was on pulpit and entrusted with the role of leading the church in the absence of the senior pastor who is in the States (USA) till the end of July. And I spent the whole month of May labouring on “The role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer” from John 14-16. It was uplifting and I reminded our church of the Helper who is in us and with us. And I would be tackling the topic, “Living with the future in mind” in the next coming few weeks. Even though that may be livestream unless a new order is issued.

Prayer Request

  1. Pray for the success of our second semester for both the faculty and students.
  2. Pray that the Lord will bless us with faithful me for 2022 academic year
  3. Pray that the webinars will lead to the turning of many souls to the Lord.
  4. Pray for our kids to remain diligent in their studies against all the odds.

With our children doing most of their studies at home, we need to get a printer for printing and photocopying their exercises and homeworks sent by their teachers.

Thank you very much for the partnership in the gospel. And thank you again for your constant prayers. May our Lord bless you and your families. 


Charlie Rampfumedzi

Christ Seminary, Polokwane (RSA)