Francisco José de Abreu Vieira is the pastor of Alliance Community Baptist Church. He is married to Claudia Neilane, and they have five children, João Lucas, Tamara, Inácio, Stela, and Felicina. The church began as a church plant in the city of Maputo, Mozambique in 2015.  They are a reformed confessional church with about 70 members, and they have around 100 in attendance most Sundays. Their goal is to plant reformed churches through the local leadership that they are discipling and training.  They presently offer a seminary degree in Reformed Theology with as many as fifty students taking classes, all through their local church. 

Update from the Vieira Family (January 2021):


How wonderful is our God, and how by His providence He has ruled all things!


Speaking a little about the Vieira family, we are being graciously blessed by God and we see how good the Lord is and how He has been keeping us in the midst of the adversities and infirmities that we have had in our family during this past year. Above all, we are grateful He has guided us by the Holy Spirit. We are all growing in the Lord through it all. All the children passed their school year, except Inácio, who due to his health condition was unable to study in 2021. The good news is that he is now doing well, recovering and surprising the doctors. Glory to God for that! We want, as a family, once again to thank each of you who pray for us, who care about us and the kingdom, and who give to us, know that you are missionaries with us in this work. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to keep each one of us under His Sovereign hand. He alone is worthy of all honor, glory and praise!


Brethren, the month of December was such a blessing for our beloved church and the entire community around it. We were able to evangelize many people during this month, and finally we could hold meetings with the children again. This year 200 children were reached with the Christmas program we held by the grace of God and with the help of the beloved church “Christ of Power”, which once again sent an offering so that we could offer special snacks and goodies for the children and buy a gift for each of them. They could hear the gospel and learn the true meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of a child, Emmanuel, the “God with us”, the Christ, the Lord Jesus, the Messiah, the Seed, the Redeemer and the King, the Promised. Also in December, we were visited by deacon Leandro and his wife Sílvia Freitas. He taught a course in Faith and Politics and another in Automotive Electricity. These courses reached many lives, both in our church and in others as well. It was a real gift from God for us to see young people learning a profession and above all learning about faith and politics in a Reformed worldview. We are very grateful for the lives of these brethren and for Rev. Márcio Chaveiro, who has been a great supporter and investor in the missionary work here. We also had year-end program of Projeto Ester. It was a wonderful party, with several testimonies, awards, preached Word, praise and a lot of joy for both the girls and us. We can say that 2021 was a very productive year for the Kingdom. We had two baptisms, and we saw the Lord's hand in using the church to proclaim His Word with doctrine and faith. We had significant growth in the year 2021, with several people joining through personal evangelism and others through our livestreams on Sundays and Wednesdays. We can only thank God for each of our local leaders in our church here in Mozambique who has worked with excellence in proclaiming the gospel, and for each partner who has invested and prayed for us. Our immense gratitude to each of you.

Prayer Requests

  1. For our health: please pray for the full recovery of Inacio and protection for the whole family.
  2. For the local leadership of our church so that the Lord may continue to strengthen the faith of these faithful brothers.
  3. For the start of two church plants that we will start in February (one on Katembe Island with the worker Enio and his wife and the other in Mucupe, with brother Carlos and his wife). We need resources to buy Bibles and to help support these two families.
  4. For the resources to build the wall on our church's land, where the future installations of our mission will be (This is an urgent need, as the residents around our land are encroaching on the mission's land because it has no walls).