Francisco José de Abreu Vieira is the pastor of Alliance Community Baptist Church. He is married to Claudia Neilane, and they have five children, João Lucas, Tamara, Inácio, Stela, and Felicina. The church began as a church plant in the city of Maputo, Mozambique in 2015.  They are a reformed confessional church with about 70 members, and they have around 100 in attendance most Sundays. Their goal is to plant reformed churches through the local leadership that they are discipling and training.  They presently offer a seminary degree in Reformed Theology with as many as fifty students taking classes, all through their local church. 

Update from the Vieira Family (November 2022):

Hello brothers, grace and peace!

We want to praise God for everything He has done in our lives. It is pure grace.


First, we want to praise God because He is good and His mercy endures forever. September and October were months when our family was able to enjoy some blessings from the Lord. We managed, after five years, to travel to Brazil (we came on the 13th of September), and we will stay for five months. I came, Neilane, João Lucas, Tamara and Felicina. Unfortunately, Inácio and Stela couldn't come for a number of reasons, however, they stayed with Tita, a young woman who has been living with us for a few years and has taken care of the house and those who stayed. During this period, we ask you to pray for us, because one of the purposes of coming to Brazil was to treat our health. We ask for prayer for provision so that we can meet our needs here in Brazil and there in Mozambique as well. Since when we arrived in Brazil, starting at the airport, we were very well received, we had a great time with dear brothers in Brazil and I (FJ), I was able to participate in the FIEL Conference (Theme: Royal Priesthood) in Águas de Lindóia where I could be taught and tremendously edified. In Brasilia we had an excellent time with our relatives (in-laws and niece), we also performed several exams and consultations on all of us and we saw that we are getting old. In short, so far the Lord has helped us by his grace and mercy.


By the grace of God, in September we had an excellent quality time withthe church. We held our traditional 12-hour prayer clock, held a beautiful wedding, had baptism and introductions of new members. In this period that we are in Brazil, Pastor Enio, along with the deacons, are carrying out the ministry, and it has been a good time for them so far. I ask you to pray, because the ministerial demands are great. We are happy, because the Lord has preserved and added His own in His church. Soli deo Gloria.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our time in Brazil, so that we have all the resources to treat our health and to be able to meet the demands there in Mozambique.
  • Pray for Pastor Enio that the Lord will strengthen him and give him wisdom to manage all things.
  • Pray for the visitors who come to our community to know the Truth.
  • Pray for our church members that they will continue to be strengthened in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the Jiu-Jitsu projects, the Ruth project, and the literacy project.