Francisco José de Abreu Vieira is the pastor of Alliance Community Baptist Church. He is married to Claudia Neilane, and they have five children, João Lucas, Tamara, Inácio, Stela, and Felicina. The church began as a church plant in the city of Maputo, Mozambique in 2015.  They are a reformed confessional church with about 70 members, and they have around 100 in attendance most Sundays. Their goal is to plant reformed churches through the local leadership that they are discipling and training.  They presently offer a seminary degree in Reformed Theology with as many as fifty students taking classes, all through their local church. 

Update from the Vieira Family (May 2023):

Hello my brethren, grace and peace!


By the grace of God we are well, walking with Christ
and growing by the grace of God in maturity with the
Lord. We completed 19 years of marriage on April 24.
To celebrate our anniversary we held a beautiful
meeting with the couples of our church and with
some invited missionaries. Stela turned 15, March 2.
Felicina, turned 10, April 20. Time does not stop, and
children are growing rapidly to the glory of God.


We thank God for his infinite grace and mercy that he has had
for us and for his church here in Mozambique. In the months of
March and April, our church has received a series of expositions
about the church that glorifies God and its aspects and deep
marks in the daily life of membership. Our goal in the year 2023
is to work ecclesiology (church doctrine) and continue teaching
membership to be active, God-fearing, using their gifts and
talents for personal growth and the edification of the body of
Christ. We also had a beautiful retreat where we were talking
about the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Our Sunday
School is working on the book: "What is a member of a healthy
church" and we are getting good results. The projects continue
working intensively and now, with a focus on planting the first
congregation of our church on the island of Katembe, which will
be pastored by pastor Enio Mabombo. We had the presence of
pastor Arturo Goma, who came from Mexico and graced us with
two expositions of the Word of God that were biblical and
humbling. Your time here with us was a real balm for our
hearts. May God bless your life and the Oasis Church that sent
you. We also received a great MMA and Jiu-Jitsu athlete, called
Robson Gracie, who presented us with a very beautiful moment
for the young people of the project.

Prayer Resquests

For my health (FJ), my knee is badly injured and I will have to do an
resonance (MRI).

For our family support, so that we can honor our commitments every

For the plantation of the congregation of Katembe, we will need to
build a chapel of reed (reed is a material of straw of the locals), we need
to buy 40 chairs for the adults and 30 chairs for children, and a monthly
support for the pastor Enio.

We urgently need new projectors for Bible schools, for children’s
worship, for the Katembe church, for the couples course, and for the
theological training of local leadership. Three projectors would be
ideal, as they would go to different locations.

For resources to go to South Africa to buy a new tent. We were
awarded by a church in Brazil that donated the value of a new tent,
now we need the resources to go buy it personally (freight,
transportation, stay).

My brethren, continue to pray for us and for all the challenges that
Africa has with regard to the expansion of the gospel. If you want to
know more about any of the above, feel free to contact us.
May the Lord Jesus continue to pour out his wonderful grace on all of you.

With love in Christ,
Vieira Family.