Francisco José de Abreu Vieira is the pastor of Alliance Community Baptist Church. He is married to Claudia Neilane, and they have five children, João Lucas, Tamara, Inácio, Stela, and Felicina. The church began as a church plant in the city of Maputo, Mozambique in 2015.  They are a reformed confessional church with about 70 members, and they have around 100 in attendance most Sundays. Their goal is to plant reformed churches through the local leadership that they are discipling and training.  They presently offer a seminary degree in Reformed Theology with as many as fifty students taking classes, all through their local church. 

Update from the Vieira Family (September 2021):

Hello Bethren. Grace and peace to you!

We want to start by thanking and praising God for his grace in each of our lives in the midst of adversity.


Recently I have been going through a severe health test. I have epicondylitis in my left arm, it's like tendonitis that has made me feel severe pain. I have also been feeling severe pain in my spine (I have 4 herniated discs) and, finally, it is possible that I have another hernia in the upper part of my spine, bringing severe pain in my upper back, shoulders and arms. It has also caused loss of strength in my arms. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there, I have a sebaceous cyst that has become inflamed and needs surgery, but I'm waiting for my medical insurance approval. By the grace of God, the insurance that we have has paid for the physiotherapy of the arm, and we believe it will pay for the surgery to remove the cyst that is in the abdomen. The chiropractic sessions, however, I have done privately as the insurance does not pay for that. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, we need as a family to decide if I will have to go to Brazil to treat this spinal problem and take the opportunity to have a medical checkup done. This will require resources and logistics that we do not have at the moment.


We are still in lockdown here, but only for the churches, as the president of the republic opened schools, businesses and even the casinos. We can see a clear persecution against Christianity and, with that, we can feel a little what it is like to have to worship hidden from the government, as in the most persecuted countries which pass immoral laws, which go against the Word of God, which teaches us that we must gather and practice the sacraments. Of course, we take action and while the churches don't reopen, we're bringing in 10 members every Sunday to watch the service while I do a Livestream, and after service we serve the Lord’s Supper. We are also evangelizing a lot at this time and with discipleship we are training new converts to become biblically qualified disciples for every good work. We continued with the Jiu-Jitsu project with adults and minors authorized by their parents, and it has been very interesting to see people coming to train and get to know Christ. May the Lord continue to help us on this path of pain and may the grace and peace of Christ be upon each one of us.

Prayer Requests

  • Health and wisdom for the next steps
  • Wisdom to evangelize a family of Muslims (Their three daughters are coming to train Jiu-Jitsu.)
  • Members of our church who have been in severe need because the country has no jobs
  • For God to bring us the souls that he wants to be evangelized in this time