Francisco José de Abreu Vieira is the pastor of Alliance Community Baptist Church. He is married to Claudia Neilane, and they have five children, João Lucas, Tamara, Inácio, Stela, and Felicina. The church began as a church plant in the city of Maputo, Mozambique in 2015.  They are a reformed confessional church with about 70 members, and they have around 100 in attendance most Sundays. Their goal is to plant reformed churches through the local leadership that they are discipling and training.  They presently offer a seminary degree in Reformed Theology with as many as fifty students taking classes, all through their local church. 

Update from the Vieira Family (November 2023):

Hello dear brethren and partners, we thank God for everything He has done for us and for your lives.


In September, João Lucas and I completed another year of life, we praise God for His infinite grace and mercy in our lives . In October, we celebrated our daughter Tamara Nyeleti's 10th birthday, it was a very special moment for all of us, we saw through her life and the testimonies of our brothers in Christ that Tamara is a convinced believer in her faith.

Thank God we are fine despite all the tribulations we are facing in the Brethren, we ask that you pray for Neilane's emotional health and for my health too, we were faced with a huge spike in stress due to all the demands of the ministry that operated within our home and, in the last eight years, this has exhausted us greatly and affected several areas of our lives. Those who have already come to visit us have witnessed our routine at home and in the ministry. We were stuck in the house where we lived due to a lack of conditions to move and put an end to the tiring and stressful routine, we found ourselves in. By the grace of God, a couple of brothers in Christ (Juarez and Lú) came to visit us, they arrived at a very unique time, especially because they are excellent counselors and have been of great help to us in every way.


Talking a little about the ministry, we went looking for a house and after a lot of searching, I was already very distressed because a great responsibility weighs on me, and leaving the old house would mean having to stop all the ministries: with the children in the neighborhood, the teenagers from the Rute project, the youth service, all the training, Jiu-Jitsu, everything would stop, but we needed to move and take a break to take care of our family. However, God had other plans, that's when God opened two doors, one for our house (personal) and another house for the ministry, since we were unable to pay two rents, and the entrance fees for our church are few. I, together with the presbytery and the diaconate of the church, decided not only to rent this space for the church, but we decided to buy it even without money (lol), it seemed crazy, however, we saw that the owner of this space accepted our entire proposal rental and purchase. The owner of the house where we started developing the entire ministry again gave us a period of three years to pay an amount of US$96,000. I can't lie that I've thought about giving up, but I understand that God is the best partner of all, men are means of grace, but God is the gushing source of resources, it is God who opens and closes doors. We would like to share that the church has been welcoming new people every Sunday. Our discipleships have achieved their goal of forming new disciples of Christ and the Lord Jesus has been proclaimed through our lives and the church. The Katembe congregation under the pastorate of Pastor Enio Mabombo continues to grow in doctrine and in numbers of people, soon we will perform the first baptism. Glory to God for that! Finally, we want to remind you that in the month of October, albeit humbly, we celebrate 506 years of the Protestant Reformation. It is very sad to see churches taking October 31st to celebrate Halloween, thus abandoning the essence of this day that was a milestone in the history of the church.We also want to thank you for everything you have done for our family and for Mozambique, thank God for this partnership. May God bless each one of you greatly.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the Vieira family.
  • Pray for new partners for our personal support so that we can honor the commitment to the new home that has exceeded our assumptions.
  • Pray that the Lord will enable you to be a partner in purchasing the site for the church, we will need $50,000 by July 2024, as part of the first payment for the house, the other $46,000, we will be able to pay in two years.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will enable us to carry out his work with excellence.
  • Brothers, pray for resources to be able to pay for an emergency repair that we had on our car. Our car had its radiator replaced and that cost $1,060. It was something unexpected and that affected our finances, and we still cannot pay for it.

With love in Christ,
Vieira Family.