Grace Baptist Church is located in Selkirk, Manitoba. Selkirk is a town in Central Canada roughly 20 miles north of Winnipeg. Grace Baptist Church has been a part of the AIT Network for a number of years and in 2018 Grace Life Church of Muscle Shoals ordained and sent out Blake Kenaum to serve as Pastor of GBC. Over the last two years, the Church has seen a steady number of baptisms, they have experienced a growing appreciation of expository preaching, as well as a renewed emphasis on the importance of the local church. The purpose of GBC is to glorify God by making disciples of Christ and promoting the spread of healthy local churches throughout the world. In 2018, after an internship at Grace Life Church of Muscle Shoals, Blake, and his family, moved from Alabama to Selkirk to serve as pastor of the Church. Blake is a native of Mississippi who has been preaching since he was 16 years old. Blake is married to his wife Destiny, and they have 4 children: Josiah, Daniel, Jane, and Sadie.

Update (July 2021)

Grace Baptist Church has recently faced some government opposition for continuing to meet for worship. Please pray for the church that the Lord will use these trials to purify and strengthen the faith of his people as they continue to seek to remain faithful to Christ in the midst of opposition. The church requests prayer for the following needs:

  • Wisdom to navigate issues around government restrictions
  • For the preaching of the word to be empowered by the Spirit
  • For the growth and confirmation of baptism candidates
  • For our trials to produce perseverance and hope