"As a 19 year old Greek young man, I was dreaming about riches, fame and money. So one day, I packed my things and left for a journey. Little did I know that God would direct my steps to come to Vienna, Austria where I heard the gospel for the first time and accepted Christ in my life. After going through three years of bible school, (Bible Institute of Vienna) it was soon evident to me that to be a Christian is more than accepting Christ in your life as it also became obvious in my own personal walk. Not wanting to waste my life and by the providence of God, I came to read a book entitled “Don't Waste Your Life” by John Piper. This is where I came to know for the first time the doctrines of grace and reformed theology. Learning more about the reformed faith made me feel like I was “reborn again” and wanting to serve God with all my heart and all my life. Today, I serve as a bivocational church planter together with my wife Kathrin, and our two daughters Marina & Anastasia (also our labrador dog “Romy”) in our beautiful city, Vienna. With the support of AIT in our ministry, we have Sunday services where I preach and teach God’s Word and also Wednesday’s bible studies where I have the privilege to disciple and teach a group of people. By the grace of God, many have come to know a new life in Christ. Grace Life Vienna is dedicated and striving daily by Gods Grace and for His glory, to be a true church who will proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light."

Update: (April 2023)

Dear Church Family,

If I have to summarize the last year, 2022, I can just put it in a sentence: God's mercy and His amazing grace were our daily bread and strength in a great time of need. After almost a year in the hospital, Anastasia, our daughter, was finally home. We give thanks to the Lord for literally sparing her life. We want to thank you again for your care and prayers for her.

The year 2022

Our small home church was able to meet every Sunday and Thursday the whole year through for worship, bible study, and prayer time still in our living room, but since October, we have decided by faith to rent a place for each Sunday morning service. We want to thank AIT family for supporting us so we can rent this place. What a joy and blessing this has been.

Trip to USA 2023

Feb 15-26, two of us were able to go to the TCC at our mother church in Alabama, and later we visited Grace Life of Pryor, Oklahoma. What a blessed time of Gospel fellowship and great joy this was. We were encouraged, built up, and challenged to continue faithfully in God's Word.

Back to Vienna:

Just a few months ago, we had an Armenian lady trusting in Christ as her Saviour; now by God's grace, we are planning to baptize her very soon and hoping in prayer for two more souls that have confessed Christ but have not yet followed in baptism. Our desire and prayer for this year are for us to be present on the streets of Vienna proclaiming the Gospel and engaging with people in sharing the Gospel with them. Last year the city council rejected our request for us to evangelize on the streets openly. Please pray with us so we can get the permit this year. 

One of the highlights of the year for us will take place on Oct 3-8 when AIT family is coming with a team to help us evangelize and preach the Word of God. Please pray for this time, for the preparation, and for souls to be drawn to God in true repentance.

Also, our desire and prayer is to find a church building for rent so we can use it every day and not only on Sundays as is the case now, yet we are very thankful to our Lord for the place we are able to rent for now. Please pray for us that we will be waiting on God as He will lead us in his time to the perfect building He has for us.

Most of all, we ask you to pray for us in Grace Life Vienna church so we will grow in grace & knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

Steve Missios