Pastor Juan Tacsa has served as a church planter/pastor with Anchored in Truth Ministries for over 15 years. He serves in the mountains of Perú working with the Jaqaru people in the villages of Aiza, Tupe, and Colca. His ministry includes evangelism, teaching, preaching, and personal discipleship. He currently pastors the believers in these three villages while at the same time training up leaders from among them to continue the work in the future. Pastor Juan also serves the churches at the base of the mountains by providing teaching and discipleship. One of the special aspects of Pastor Juan's ministry is his ministry to the children in the villages where he serves. Pastor Juan devotes a lot of his time to teaching the young children God's word through Bible lessons and songs, planting the seeds of the Gospel in their hearts. Pastor Juan is married to his wife, Vivian, and they have a daughter named Damaris.

Update (January 2024):

Pastor Juan continues ministering to the Jaqaru people in the mountain villages of Aiza, Tupe, and Colca. He also ministers in the villages in the valley on his way to and from the Jaqaru villages. He is thankful for the faithful service of Brother Borja and Brother Richard who accompany him and serve with him as he travels from village to village.

Brother Borja was recently hospitalized for a heart condition, but thankfully he is recovering and back at home. 

Brother Richard has suffered all his life from a disability that makes it very hard for him to walk and speak. However, the grace and power of God are made even more evident through Richard's weakness. The Lord saved him several years ago, and now he is full of joy and a desire to serve the Lord in whatever way he can. The Lord is using him as an example and an encouragement to the other believers.

Pastor Juan requests prayers for the ongoing evangelistic work as well as for the growth and maturity of the beleivers. He also requests prayers for the elderly saints in the mountains who suffer from various health issues. 

Lastly, Pastor Juan sends his greetings and his thanks for the prayer and financial support provided through the partnership of Anchored in Truth Ministries.