Chalala is a large middle to upper class residential area in the South Eastern part of the captial city of our country, Zambia. Middle aged to older couples with their families have bought land and built houses there while most young professionals settle there finding homes to rent. Most of the houses are gated and it is difficult to get into contact with residents who are busy with their own lives. Our current strategy is to come up with events that would interest them such as couples and women’s meetings dealing with pertinent issues and children’s conferences and men’s breakfasts. We hope that as the community comes out to these events we can get their contacts and forge relationships with them to create an occasion to share the gospel.

-Thank God with us for the sending church, Kabwata Baptist Church that has encouraged members of the church living in the area to support the new church. There is great enthusiasm about it

-Pray for us as we seek to raise funds for a plot of land and building. Land in the area is pretty expensive. We would need around $25,000 for a good plot of land alone. And perhaps another $25,000 for a building.

-We have committed the first few years to out and out outreach using the event strategy described above which requires plenty of work in planning and plenty of hands in followup. Please pray that the Lord would give us strength and bless our gospel efforts!

Update from Pastor Mwindula Mbewe (July 2021):

Greetings friends of HBC! It has been humbling to see how God has answered so many of our prayers since we launched the church. The Lord has granted us a second piece of land. This one fell right into our lap. It is owned by a family that has been coming to church for over a year now. When they heard that we were looking for a new meeting place (the place we have been renting has been sold off), they offered us the piece of land. The land is right down the street from our current meeting place which means that we will not have to lose any of the momentum or visibility we have gained in the community! It is rather small but will do for the next few years as we develop the long term and much larger plot of land that is some 15 kilometers away in the direction into which our community is expanding. Pray for us as we work on the carpark and a concrete floor on which we will put a semi-permanent marquee in time for our move in July. Resources and hands to run around are limited but we are making good progress. We are grateful for your prayers and support which continue to bless us. It is such a huge milestone for us to have our own place!

...We had some non-Covid deaths in May that were close to the church. Our landlord's brother who actually lived on the property we rent for church died. A lady also died suddenly days after visiting the church for the first time. The church got involved in both funerals and even preached at one. The husband of the lady who died told us that his wife spoke very highly about the church after her visit and he has since committed himself to Hillview and attends church with his girls.

We had a popcorn movie night over Easter where we showed a play of the life of Jesus on video. We were happy to receive some new people from the community.

Soon after launching the church in 2019, we wrote to some primary schools in the community asking if they had any needs for counselling or Bible teaching for pupils. We did not really get any feedback until last month when the Blessed Shiloh School invited us to share a devotion at their weekly Assembly. I began a series "The Seven Deadly Sins" from Proverbs 6. 

June (our winter here) has seen a surge of Covid infections. Mortuaries and graveyards are struggling to cope with the deaths. Schools have closed and church meetings limited to an hour. Some are suggesting that the poor healthcare system in the country is the problem. Please pray that we will be spared and that we would seize the opportunity to point people to our Lord!