Chalala is a large middle to upper class residential area in the South Eastern part of the captial city of our country, Zambia. Middle aged to older couples with their families have bought land and built houses there while most young professionals settle there finding homes to rent. Most of the houses are gated and it is difficult to get into contact with residents who are busy with their own lives. Our current strategy is to come up with events that would interest them such as couples and women’s meetings dealing with pertinent issues and children’s conferences and men’s breakfasts. We hope that as the community comes out to these events we can get their contacts and forge relationships with them to create an occasion to share the gospel.

-Thank God with us for the sending church, Kabwata Baptist Church that has encouraged members of the church living in the area to support the new church. There is great enthusiasm about it

-Pray for us as we seek to raise funds for a plot of land and building. Land in the area is pretty expensive. We would need around $25,000 for a good plot of land alone. And perhaps another $25,000 for a building.

-We have committed the first few years to out and out outreach using the event strategy described above which requires plenty of work in planning and plenty of hands in followup. Please pray that the Lord would give us strength and bless our gospel efforts!