Peter Joshua Abutu is married to Joy Abutu. They have four children: Blessing (9); John (7); Uyo and Uya (twins-3).

"I grew up in a Christian home to a Christian parent who served for fifty one years as missionary/Pastor. Although I was part of a Christian family, my father made it clear to all of us that being a Pastor’s child does not confer salvation on anyone. So, at any given opportunity he will insist on personal trust in Christ’s work for salvation. This became so evident in my life as I began to exhibit all manner of sinful actions even though I was already conforming outwardly to religious duties. One day, during one of the Sunday School session, a sense of guilt and horror overwhelmed me. I felt within impending judgment in hell so, I went and spoke to my teacher about it. It was then that I confessed my sins, and put my trust in the Lord Jesus alone for salvation. The teacher subsequently prayed with me. Later, I was baptised by immersion at the age of thirteen.

I have enjoyed a very stable Christian life and have been walking with Christ since then.
I grew up in a Plymouth Brethren Church and thus an Arminian by default. This Church did move especially from the early 90’s from its original evangelical, conservative theological convictions and became heavily Charismatic and to a large extent liberal.

I sensed the call to ministry in the year 2008 in my former denomination and was cleared for pastoral duties and was given a Church. About a year into it I began to have doubt especially as it relates to many unfulfilled specific words of Prophecies, and began questioning some of our unbiblical practices.

By God’s design my path came across some British preachers from the Grace Baptist Mission (GBM) and through them a sound theological training was given me both at European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) and the London Seminary. After my training I went to Zambia in the year 2017 for ministerial internship at Kabwata Baptist Church. After much prayer, I had inward convictions, I was sent back as a missionary to my home country, Nigeria to plant a Biblical Church that stands in the Reformed convictions, and was ordained for it in March 2018. The name of the Church I am planting is Trinity Baptist Church."


Update from Pastor Joshua Abutu (May 2021):


Greeting to you, my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Your labor of love for the kingdom of God, especially your support towards my humble endeavor to plant a Biblical Church here in this city, and consequently Nigeria as a whole, is praiseworthy. Your support is not only helping us, but teaching us how believers can give themselves wholly to the work of Jesus, both locally and distant lands, even to people they have never met and may never have  the opportunity to meet in this life.


Joy and myself want to say a big thank you for making sure our basid needs are met through your support. It creates great enablement in the discharge of our parental duties to our four children and three other dependents, and others who pass through our house. We are doing well in physical health (we have no record of any sickness these past two months) and spiritually too. Our children are responding well to biblical instructions; we can only pray for corresponding fruits that may lead to their conversion.

Our son John-Guessens turned eight in April, and this reminded me of my time at the European Missionary Fellowship (EMF), UK. It was eight years ago, while I was studying at EMF, that he was born. That trip to EMF really brought great awakening to my soul. It was there I began to understand Reformed theology proper, and began learning to think biblically. Pray for John that he may encounter Christ early; I am praying and diligently leading him with the hope that Christ may find him out.

Joy continues to support my work very well. She's at the moment leading the Ladies' Group, and assisting the Children Sunday School teacher, as well as leading in providing refreshments during our various meetings.

In the month of April, I lost three of my cousins back home - all male and under the age of forty. I travelled for condolences, but the sad thing is the fact that they were all non-Christians. I still have a lot of close relatives in Islam and animistic religions. It hurts to see them in an unsaved state. 

Church News 

A. Evangelism

There  were  no  massive  evangelistic outdoor  activities  during  these months.  Members  and  myself continue  to  engage  people  on one‐on‐one  basis.  We  shared  tracts  and invitation  cards  during  Easter,  and also organized an  indoor Easter evangelistic meeting.


Brother  Eleazar,  Pastoral  Intern,  leads  our  team  to  one  private  university, and continued there for about four weeks teaching and preaching from  the  book  of  Romans. Christian  literatures were distributed during that period. In Brother Eleazar's own words:

"During my four weeks with them, I taught from Romans 3. I also led topical studies on justification by faith, the nature of saving faith, and the tests for true faith. I received good feedback from some of the studentss and can only pray that the Holy Spirit will bless his Word in their hearts. I intend to return when the school resumes from its sessional break, hoping that an open door will be available to start something long-term with the students." 

We are trusting God to launch out at the university in the month of June.

B. Internal Ministries

The Men's Monthly Breakfast Meeting successfully  kicked  off  in  the  month  of March. It was a joy to see about eighteen men in our last recent edition. We read through a book, share hearts together, and then ate breakfast.  We hope  to be  more missional, in terms of, maybe, inviting non-Christians to it.

The  Ladies  Meeting  also  was  launched  during  this  period.  During  our  last  visit  to  Kabwata  Baptist  Church,  my  wife  was encouraged  and  given  tutelage  on  how  to conduct one. The first  edition  was  very encouraging. The meeting  will  continue  to  hold every month.


The Media Department also  became very active and is doing well. Our social media pages testify to that. 

The Adult and Children's Sunday School ministries have become a delight in our local assembly here. Brother Eleazar (Adult) and Sister Phoebe (Children) are both leading and teaching. The feedbacks from the Sunday Schools are quite encouraging.

Over and above what we do regularly, we are receiving help from an American travelling missionary, Mr. Rick C., who coaches our team on discipleship and follow-up. We are trusting that the exposures will help us as we begin to see some growth.

We praise  God  for  what he  continues  to  do  among us. We are witnessing some measure of steady  growth  in  general  church attendance,  and  may  be  calling  some  into  membership  in the month of June. Before January this year we were averaging twenty adults every Lord’s day, but now we are steadily around forty. 

At the moment we have one brother in the Internship Program, and he is doing well. Brother Eleazar  is  following  the  schedule  and scheme  of  work  very  diligently;  it  is  our  hope  that  he  receives  more  help  from  our  sending  Church  in  coming  months during summer  by  sending  him  to  Zambia.  At  the  moment  he’s  shown  great  commitment and fruits. This is his testimony:

“I continued studying Foundations for  the  Flock,  and  I  covered  the  chapter  on  The  Lord’s  Supper.  Dr.  Conrad  Mbewe,  with  his  characteristic  pastoral  style  of  writing,  treated  the  topic  with  much simplicity.  He  was  especially  helpful  in  addressing  some  of  the  common  misconceptions that many have about the Lord’s Supper in the African context. I have submitted my review of this section. I continued my classes on New Testament Greek. Mr. Benedict Bird continues to be so gracious with his time and I had four classes with him. The  Elements  of  New  Testament Greek by Jeremy Duff remains the primary text for my learning, and I have covered two more chapters (on prepositions and adjectives). I was also engaged in some personal study. I dedicated some time to study Theology Proper,  
focusing  on  the  Immanent/Economic  Trinity  and  how  Christians  have  fellowship with each Person of the Trinity. This led me to read the writings of John Owen  on  the  subject.  I  also  studied  the  works  of  some  contemporary  theologians  (e.g. Matthew Barrett, Michael Reeves, etc.)”. 

It is our hope that, at least each year, we may have one person in the program. The intent is  to prepare potential co‐elders, and  healthy missionary/church  planters  in  coming years.

For personal development, I  am giving  myself to more study of  God’s  word and  reading  healthy  and  relevant  books. I am reading A.W. Pink on Man’s Total Depravity at the moment.

On  the  average  I  preach  three  times  a  week  and  lead  prayer  meeting  every  Friday. Since our congregation is young, I do meet up with folks on one‐on‐one basis to  strengthen  and  steady  them  in  Biblical  Churchmanship  (at  the moment  am  averaging three to four persons weekly), among other things.

Prayer Needs:

  • Pray  that  I  may  up  my  game  in  personal  devotion,  like  prayer  and  the discipline of quiet time and meditation.
  • Pray for the salvation of  Moses who has been coming to Church regularly now. He’s seriously seeking.
  • Pray for Miss Joy who is seriously seeking God.
  • Pray for one Pastor Chucks (a Charismatic/Pentecostal pastor) who has asked me to be teaching him the Bible.
  • In about a month time (June 12th) we shall be having a city‐wide conference  on  ‘New  Birth’.  Pray  for  good  attendance, resources (we  hope  to  distribute  Christian  literatures…we  need donations of books), and speakers.
  • Pray for fruits over our Easter Meetings and University visitations.
  • Pray  for  our  Pastoral  Intern,  Eleazar,  to  be  strengthened,  and  that we may be very useful in helping him up.
  • Pray for some of our young men desiring marriage.
  • Pray for numerical growth, and that we may be up and doing in evangelism, follow‐up, and discipleship.
  • Pray for the very heightened insecurity in Nigeria. The dreaded Boko Haram have hoisted their flag in the month of April, and have taken over a military facility, two hours drive from the Federal Capital. We live daily with the reality of Covid‐19 and various security threats.