Peter Joshua Abutu is married to Joy Abutu. They have four children: Blessing (9); John (7); Uyo and Uya (twins-3).

"I grew up in a Christian home to a Christian parent who served for fifty one years as missionary/Pastor. Although I was part of a Christian family, my father made it clear to all of us that being a Pastor’s child does not confer salvation on anyone. So, at any given opportunity he will insist on personal trust in Christ’s work for salvation. This became so evident in my life as I began to exhibit all manner of sinful actions even though I was already conforming outwardly to religious duties. One day, during one of the Sunday School session, a sense of guilt and horror overwhelmed me. I felt within impending judgment in hell so, I went and spoke to my teacher about it. It was then that I confessed my sins, and put my trust in the Lord Jesus alone for salvation. The teacher subsequently prayed with me. Later, I was baptised by immersion at the age of thirteen.

I have enjoyed a very stable Christian life and have been walking with Christ since then.
I grew up in a Plymouth Brethren Church and thus an Arminian by default. This Church did move especially from the early 90’s from its original evangelical, conservative theological convictions and became heavily Charismatic and to a large extent liberal.

I sensed the call to ministry in the year 2008 in my former denomination and was cleared for pastoral duties and was given a Church. About a year into it I began to have doubt especially as it relates to many unfulfilled specific words of Prophecies, and began questioning some of our unbiblical practices.

By God’s design my path came across some British preachers from the Grace Baptist Mission (GBM) and through them a sound theological training was given me both at European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) and the London Seminary. After my training I went to Zambia in the year 2017 for ministerial internship at Kabwata Baptist Church. After much prayer, I had inward convictions, I was sent back as a missionary to my home country, Nigeria to plant a Biblical Church that stands in the Reformed convictions, and was ordained for it in March 2018. The name of the Church I am planting is Trinity Baptist Church."


Update from Pastor Joshua Abutu (April 2022):


My joy and that of  the entire membership  of TBCA knows no bound today as  I  write  this  update. The Lord has come through for us in many remarkable ways beyond words and every human capacity. God indeed is building his Church here in the city of Abuja. The word of the Lord continues to prosper and prevail, and His name glorified in the middle of huge deficit of hunger and crave for Biblical Christianity particularly in this part of the globe.

Your financial and material support, and your prayers have been very instrumental to the stability, progress and speed of our work.


Joy and the children continue to be pillars of support to me. The Lord has sustained us in the area of good physical health. None of us came down with any form of illness all through the Covid‐19 era and even now. Our basic necessities are met on a sustained and regular basis. The children are in their second term examination weeks and will soon be on Easter holiday. Gradually we are getting the rhythm or work‐life and family more than when we began.

An elder from Kabwata Baptist Church, John Chundu (who is our Supervising Elder now) conducted (virtually) a pastoral oversight recently on us. It helped in enhancing our personal walk with God and in strengthening our marriage. It was a breath of fresh air to be pastored and shepherded while shepherding  others.

The Church

The church ended the year 2021 on a very strong and encouraging note. We hosted a citywide annual Bible conference in November that attracted good numbers in attendance. A guest speaker Pastor Akinwale Arogundale from the UK was one of the resource persons. Free valuable books from Chapel Library were distributed.

We had our third year anniversary in December, and the induction of the two new members (Mr. & Mrs. Samuel and Yetunde Oyefade).

At the beginning of this year, we had a week of prayer and fasting and then a usiness meeting shere we committed our plans for the year to God and to the membership. This year, 2022, we intend to hold four outdoor evangelistic outreaches, an Easter conference, and two other major conferences in June and December (Pastor Conrad Mbewe will be by God’s grace coming for the December Abuja Bible Conference).

We were blessed with two more baptisms and thirteen new members. Sunday morning attendances now average over fifty adults and over fifteen children. Evening services average twenty adults. The church membership stands at thirty-three.



My Activities

I give priority to the preaching of God’s word twice every Lord’s Day, and once every Tuesday. I also teach intending baptismal candidates once every week and follow up new comers and infant believers among regular pastoral responsibilities. I am preaching through the book of John in the mornings (Sunday), doing a series on ‘The Ancient Path’ in the evenings (Sunday), and going through the 1689 2nd London Baptist confession of faith on Tuesdays. 


1. Ability to follow up new attendees: Almost every Lord’s Day new faces does show up. We lack adequate resources and plan to     follow them up as much as we would have love to do. You can advise us.

2. Fewer person attend our Tuesday Bible Study. They attend prayer meetings more.

3. Shortage of financial resources to run  our  internship program.  We  need  at  least  $500 monthly to run the program efficiently.

4. We urgently need a video camera and a projector: for our online services upgrade, and for hymns projection during worship as we begin to run out of hymnbooks.

Internship Program

We extended Brother Eleazar’s one-year internship to run until 2023. This is to enable him to finish relevant and valuable programs outlined for him. He is proving himself and deepening his competences in the areas of preaching and leadership development and church administration. He preaches every third Sunday of the month and also teaches in the adult Sunday School.

In this year, 2022, another intern will be admitted, starting from the month of April. His name is Fred Ojonugwa Joseph. He is married with two daughters. The Lord saved him from the errors of the Charismatic/Pentecostal group, having pastored there for over seventeen years.

Prayer Needs

1. Pray for the country of Nigeria. We are faced with hard and adverse economic realities: double digits’ inflation, insecurities, energy crisis, high cost of food and basic necessities and many other challenges typical of a third world country like ours.

2. Pray for the speed and success of the gospel in Nigeria. Prophetic/Pentecostal/Charismatic and various Islamic movements still poses great challenge here.

3. Pray for all our programs this year, particularly the Abuja Bible conference in which we will be expecting Conrad Mbewe. Pray for resources to host such a huge national conference.

4. Pray for my personal growth in holiness as I lead this work.

5. Pray for finances to buy a Marque tent as soon as possible.

6. This  weekend,  26  March,  we  will  be  evangelizing  a  town  called  Galadimawa  within  the capital city of Abuja. Pray for boldness and fruits.