Peter Joshua Abutu is married to Joy Abutu. They have four children: Blessing (9); John (7); Uyo and Uya (twins-3).

"I grew up in a Christian home to a Christian parent who served for fifty one years as missionary/Pastor. Although I was part of a Christian family, my father made it clear to all of us that being a Pastor’s child does not confer salvation on anyone. So, at any given opportunity he will insist on personal trust in Christ’s work for salvation. This became so evident in my life as I began to exhibit all manner of sinful actions even though I was already conforming outwardly to religious duties. One day, during one of the Sunday School session, a sense of guilt and horror overwhelmed me. I felt within impending judgment in hell so, I went and spoke to my teacher about it. It was then that I confessed my sins, and put my trust in the Lord Jesus alone for salvation. The teacher subsequently prayed with me. Later, I was baptised by immersion at the age of thirteen.

I have enjoyed a very stable Christian life and have been walking with Christ since then.
I grew up in a Plymouth Brethren Church and thus an Arminian by default. This Church did move especially from the early 90’s from its original evangelical, conservative theological convictions and became heavily Charismatic and to a large extent liberal.

I sensed the call to ministry in the year 2008 in my former denomination and was cleared for pastoral duties and was given a Church. About a year into it I began to have doubt especially as it relates to many unfulfilled specific words of Prophecies, and began questioning some of our unbiblical practices.

By God’s design my path came across some British preachers from the Grace Baptist Mission (GBM) and through them a sound theological training was given me both at European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) and the London Seminary. After my training I went to Zambia in the year 2017 for ministerial internship at Kabwata Baptist Church. After much prayer, I had inward convictions, I was sent back as a missionary to my home country, Nigeria to plant a Biblical Church that stands in the Reformed convictions, and was ordained for it in March 2018. The name of the Church I am planting is Trinity Baptist Church."

Update from Pastor Joshua Abutu (September 2022):


Blessed be the God of all grace, the God, the father of our Lord Jesus, and all who call upon his name by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is of great joy and gladness to communicate to you again our dear partners. Indeed, your rich partnership in the gospel has furthered the advancement of the kingdom of our God and the gospel and continued to do so. May the peace, grace, and manifold blessings of our Lord be multiplied to you, as we await His coming. The following report is not in any way exhaustive, but a highlight of the blessings and challenges seen in our striving for the Gospel in Abuja at TBCA.


My family remained stable and enjoying the company of one another, both in ordinary matters and the work of the ministry. The support that Joy (my wife) gives in providing care for our children and my daily needs are quite immense. Living at the heart of Abuja, the Nigeria capital city can be very challenging in terms of high cost of living; but we have been sustained through your support. Our four children are moving up to new classes this term, and we are working hard to see that they make that transition smoothly. John and Blessing show great signs of new life and we continue to lead them on and teach them the words of God and catechizing them. We have enjoyed a considerable measure of good physical health (and spiritual too) along with other dependents, like our aged parents. The Lord has been preserving us from being caught in the adverse security situation, both in our city and many other parts of Nigeria. Recently, while returning from Church, Joy’s phone was stolen from her violently in traffic, but that cannot be compared to many harrowing experiences of many folks that we know.

Church Life and Ministry

The work of planting Trinity Baptist Church continues to grow slowly but steadily. I preach regularly at Church and lead our members in outdoor evangelisms. I do the work of over-sight for members and follow up new converts and regular attendees. Over and above the drains and stress that come from over-work on the field, the joy of seeing the pew filled up week after week and folks eager to listen and engage lifts my spirit beyond measure. We have had five baptisms within these four months under review, three conferences, evangelistic outreach, leadership training workshops, and many more.


Concerning our conferences, the Lord has surpassed our expectations in attendance and excitement is participation. We hope to up these conferences in bringing the truth of God’s word to our people who are sandwiched between un[1]biblical churches, and violent Islamic fundamentalism. Last year in June we considered the subject of new birth, and this 2022 June conference we moved it on to New Life. In July, we had a conference on Biblical Womanhood and in August, Biblical Manhood.

In the month of May, we held a week of family emphasis and children service. It was a remarkable sight as our children demonstrate vital capacity and competences in the word of God memorization, and recitation. Leadership training also happened in May. There were Baptisms and evangelistic outreach to a neighboring community. In all of these things, God used our fledging but exciting numbers to provide for the many financial burdens that attend these meetings.

The Internship Program

The duo of Brothers Eleazar Maduka and Fred Joseph continue to learn and prepare for ministry. This endeavor has proven useful for them and the Church. It has put a lot of strain on our lean purse, but we are so full of gratitude for their learning and work among us. Eleazar preaches one Sunday in every month and is evaluated, among other responsibilities given him. We desire and pray to have at least one intern each year in the coming years.


In the month of September, we will be having another conference for the young and yet-to-be married. The month of October will host our National Day Conference. The big and august conference that we are all anticipating is the December conference where Dr. Conrad Mbewe will be coming for the first time to Abuja and to the Church plant. The events of the week will include a ministers’ conference, a general conference, and our fourth-year anniversary.

The Gospel Needs of Nigeria

Nigeria religious climate still poses a great challenge. The false gospel of wealth and health, the menace of false prophets, the rise of Islam, combined with irresponsible political leadership sometimes makes our little attempt at planting Biblical Church to look like rolling a boulder uphill. More and much more Christian literatures are needed, the training and re-training of gospel workers, either formally or informally, are in high demand. We trust that in coming years, if the Lord tarries, the tide may turn through our effort empowered and directed by the Spirit of the living God.

Kabwata Baptist Church Support

The Elders of KBC have not failed in their oversight and desire to see the work grow in a healthy way. Regular calls by an elder always come through to strengthen us.


Membership still stands at thirty-three (33) with about fifteen applications in consideration. Average Lord’s Day attendance is about seventy (sometimes over 90). We held membership ordinary general meeting in July and will soon adopt a constitution. There is an un-official interim leadership team in place and are functioning well.


1. Follow-up for new converts and discipleship needs firming up. I am not still on top of them.

2. Finances towards developing our piece of land; and some useful public address system.

3. We have a case of a member requiring excommunication.

Praise Items

1. In my previous reports, I made several appeals for the young men in the Church desirous of godly spouses. I can testify that three of four of such men have found worthy sisters and three will seal the marriage vows before the end of this year.

2. Two families had children borne to them under this period safely.

3. A healthy growth in attendance.

Prayer Needs

1. Pray for me, my team, and my family to exemplify Christ-like leadership before our people and in private.

2. Pray for wisdom as we consider new members’ application.

3. Pray for our December conference with Pastor Conrad Mbewe: for finances, logistics, and for fruits.